Splits distance

PR Report 1-18-14

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This one is much the same as last week’s.

I’m really only working on three things right now: splits, one arm chins and kettlebell snatches.

In the past, I, and many others have written about training the full body, the moves you should do, etc. Like doing an upper body push and pull, squats and hinges, for example. And that’s a good rule of thumb. But there are also times to break those rules. This blend of just three things is working for me, as I move forward on them all.

As I do more snatch work I’m finding my arms being a little sore which makes me only able to do these a couple days a week. This video showcases an easier level, done for as many reps as I could.

Good progress on the snatch front. As you can see I go about it not just in a linear parh, but multiple pathways. I figure if I can do a set of 20/20 or 25/25 like this, then I will be able to do 100 in 10 minutes.

Then there was this. 103 snatches with the 40 kg in ten minutes, multiple hand switches and rest periods. I think this pace was the best way to do it and I imagine I’ll end up doing the 48kg just the same. Basically 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest. I only broke this on the last minute.

The closer I get to 100 with the 48 the more I realize how difficult of a challenge I set out for myself.

I do seem to be progressing in the splits. I started trying to measure where I’m at, rather than just going by feel. Its not the easiest measurement to take by yourself, but I’ll see if it helps. Being able to see the numbers is important to track progress, at least for me.

Splits distance

On the left is how far my side splits are from the ground. The right is my front split.

And now I’m off to go do a grip competition…

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