Block Building Handstand

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Rafael Guerrero's Block Building Handstand

Rafael Guerrero’s Block Building Handstand

One very impressive handstand stunt is to raise yourself off the ground by block building.

Start in a handstand with a stack of bricks or similar objects nearby.  Shift over to one hand and grab a block with the other. Set that block down, shift your weight onto that arm then repeat on the other side. You build yourself up one block at a time.

This is an advanced skill as you’ll have to be in a one arm handstand much of the time even in just momentarily.

But its sure to impress anyone watching. And once you reach the top you can go down the same way or maybe jump off your blocks.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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  1. Woow I think I’m just gonna work
    on keeping my feet on the air for
    and balancing on my hands!!!

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