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Almost a year ago I was talking to professional strongman Dennis Rogers and he presented me with an opportunity.

His friend and one of the world’s strongest men, Bud Jeffries was looking for someone to take over his business.

If you’ve been in the iron game for awhile its likely you’ve heard of Bud and

Perhaps you’ve been influenced by his work with Twisted Conditioning or How to Squat 900 lbs (among much else).

I know I have.

Due to some issues with the business he wanted to step back, have someone else take over and allow him just to write and train.

I took that job. Now this has been a secret project that virtually know one knows about. In fact, you are one of the first!

But all that work has finally come to fruition. The NEW is live.

Go check out the site. There’s a bunch of great articles up. You can get his best selling ebooks right now.

But that’s just the start. Go now to find a few of the exciting projects we have in the works.

And be sure to sign up with your email on the site. Not only will you receive tons of incredible strength training and endurance building tips but we’ll give you a bonus to get started with.

Just last week I interviewed Bud to talk about what he’s been doing lately in his training. We’re talking about shedding 100 lbs and counting. Doing thousands of kettlebell swings in a single workout. Training MMA fighters and much more.

You get the whole hour long interview just by signing up on the site.

I hope my enthusiasm comes across because this is something that you should be excited about. Just talking to Bud recently has increased the intensity of my own workouts. It can do the same for you.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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