Bodyweight Squats Everyday

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I received this question recently from Paul and felt like it was worth answering here. Can you do bodyweight squats everyday?

The short answer is yes.

But it also depends on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. It’s also to important to note that while you can is it the best option?

One Legged Squat

You can do differnt variations of bodyweight squats everyday.

Why would you want to do bodyweight squats everyday?

To get moving and do something everyday. If you’re committed to training each day that can be a great thing for you.

To quickly build your strength and conditioning. On some level the more you do of something the better you get at it. Of course with physical training you have to be careful of overtraining.

To build up the ability to do lots of reps with ease. Be sure to read about my Ultimate Royal Court Challenge and how I did this. I was doing 500 bodyweight squats daily and soon it was easy, fast and I didn’t get sore from it. But you must build up to this sort of value. A set of 500 right now would make me sore for a week probably, because I haven’t been doing anything close to this volume.

If you are doing bodyweight squats everyday do not go close to your limit. Make sure you could always do more and you’re not doing so much that you’re becoming more then a little bit sore from it.

You’ll want to usually wave your volume up and down. So its fine to do 50 or 100 squats per day easily but maybe once a week you challenge yourself and go for a new number in one set or total for the day.

Why you wouldn’t want to do bodyweight squats everyday?

For the most part it’s redundant work and you could progress just as fast training them every other day or couple of days. With this you may need to go slightly harder but overall it will be less volume.

You can spend the time and energy working on other things. This is big. There is lots to do when it comes to training even if you’re just sticking to bodyweight training.

If you’re looking specifically to do a high rep number as a goal, it can be a great approach.

If you’re looking for general fitness and to move each day it can also be done.

If you think you have to do it, there are other options. I’d look at my Advanced Bodyweight Training Course for all sorts of ideas on leg training and many more bodyweight exercises.

Have a look at the Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols to uncover how you can build up flexibility and endurance for body weight squats and pistols.


  1. Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your series of short articles on the squat. It’s an easy way to learn/be reminded of different aspects.

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