Handstand Fail

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This is a collection of the best handstand fail sources I could find on the web.

Before we dive in it’s important to note that hand balancing can be practiced safely but injury is possible, especially if you do stupid things. You can read this article for handstand safety tips. It’s not fun but its important to know and do.

Handstand Treadmill Fail

This is probably the most classic handstand fail video where a man attempts to stand on his hands on a speed treadmill. OUCH!

Don’t Hand Balance in the Kitchen

Wow this one was funny. When walking it’s common to overbalance. Make sure you have room to fall.

Cat interferes with Handstand Practice

If you have animals around, who hasn’t had this happen to them in this or other exercises?

Handstand Destruction

Unfortunately this can be a common issue. Not having control you end up stumbling and crash into something. Sometime it’s not problem, sometimes you break something like in this video.

Car Headstand Fail

There’s a couple hundred bucks. You can feel the guy thinking wow that was stupid after he falls.

Sad Attempts at Handstands

This guy is scared of getting vertical. He definitely needs to do easier moves first before trying a handstand.

Crutch Handstand Fail

This could have been a cool trick if he pulled it off.

Drunk Handstands

When you can barely walk on your legs you should try it on your hands.

Why you should lock out your arms

When doing a handstand in the open or against a wall you should keep your arms locked to avoid looking like this guy.

The Neckstand

I think that’s enough handstand fails for now.

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  2. Working on building up to the hanstand, by the way, following your awesome book “Secrets of the Handstand”. 😀

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