Breathing Squats

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Breathing squats are the name for doing a high number, usually 20, of repetitions of barbell back squats.

This was made famous as the mainstay of the routine found in Super Squats by Randall Strossen.

Here is an example of Breathing Squats in action.

This is an intense exercise. The idea is to take a few breaths between each rep. This forces your lungs to expand, and when combined with pullovers, is said to increase your rib cage size.

You add weight to the bar each week and gut your way through the set. This is very intense building mental toughness but also requiring a lot of recovery time.

You combine this with a large diet, drinking a gallon of milk each day, and you’ll pack on size super fast. The book promises 30 pounds in 6 weeks.

I never personally did this routine as mass was seldom my goal and milk doesn’t suit my body that well.I’ve done a few sets of breathing squats but never the whole routine. Anyone that has tried it I’d love to hear your comments on it below.

In case you’re trying to take your squat training to the next level, look into the Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols.


  1. Mr.Christopher,

    John Wood over at has had extensive experience with these. He sends examples of the results he gets in his e-mail newsletter. You could talk to him about the theory, practice, logistics, and results of breathing squats. Hope this could help you.

    Jerry Y.

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