Buzzing with Energy Sneak Peek

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I don’t talk about this stuff nearly as much as other things, but I have some intensive training in various forms of energy work. I started doing a specific routine in my mornings and was surprised by the results.

Later I shared it with Inner Circle members and they had even better results.

This sneak peek will show you little bits from inside the course. It’s called Buzzing with Energy because that’s the end result many get after going through the full routine.

The first video teaches you an easy way to start feeling energy with the qi (chi) ball.

A big part of this course (though not everything) has to do with the meridians as covered in Chinese medicine. In this short video you’ll find out about the end points of the Liver and Spleen meridians and what these are responsible for.

You don’t have to study acupuncture or reflexology for years to get results. Here you’ll discover how I use the “shotgun approach” to the ears specifically.

The gates on the feet, located between the main tendons on the top of the foot, are an areas that many people will find to be sore. Squeeze them in this manner to open them up.

The Ming Meng point located around the lower back is something of a master point for the body, specifically some of the radiant circuits or extraordinary channels.

In addition to the instructional hour long video, there’s a shorter follow along video. Since there is so much to remember this is the easy thing to follow along with in about fifteen minutes. Below you’ll find a short piece of the complete follow along.

If you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek then you can pick up the whole course below which is currently available at a substantial discount with the Quarantine Sale.

Buzzing with Energy

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