Card Tearing and Sledge Leveraging

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I decided to film a bit of my workout yesterday. It was a good one, hitting some new personal records and my legs are feeling it today.

Its not a good idea to really seek soreness, but sometimes when you feel it, you know you had a good workout. I may not be walking 100% normal today.

Anyway, I just put up a few videos of my hand strength training and practice of feats of strength.

Slowly but surely the feats of strength page is being filled out. In the end I’d like to have at least one video on every page, showing every feat in action.

Today, you can see tearing a deck of cards in half as well as a little sledgehammer leveraging.

Card Tearing

Sledgehammer Leveraging

If you’ve been doing this or other feats, why don’t you reply to this email and let me know how its going for you and any troubles you may be having?

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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