Card Tearing eBook on Sale

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Just last night my friend, Jedd Johnson from the Diesel Crew, told me he’s having a sale on his Card Tearing ebook.

Let me tell you, if you ever have thought about learning this feat of strength, this is your roadmap. There are so many effective techniques and methods in this book its crazy.

It’s normally $29.97 but through the rest of this week it’s $10 off for its birthday celebration.

He’s even coming with a number of bonuses including the teleseminar I just did with him and Bud Jeffries. (Great, informative call by the way.)

You’ll even see my testimonial at the top on that page. Now, card tearing is certainly not for everyone. But if you’re one of those rare individuals that likes to destroy things with your bare hands, drop the 20 bucks and get this book.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

Affiliate Disclaimer: Did you know it’s law now that you must proclaim any paid incentives or relationships in everything you do online? So the FTC doesn’t come and raid my house and lock my gym up as ‘evidence’ here’s all the legal writing. I was originally given the Card Tearing eBook, just like I‘ve given Jedd some of my products for reviewing purposes. But its good so I recommend it to others. (I have received products free in the past that I didn’t promote because they weren’t good or worth the money.) I will make a small commission if you decide to buy this product today which I may then spend on a burrito or filling up my tank of gas an eighth of the way full. Would I recommend this product if I wasn’t compensated? Absolutely! It’s the best thing available today on how to tear decks of cards in half with ease.

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