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I just moved into a new house. It’s great. Tons of room and space for everything.

This picture here is of my temporary gym…if you can call it that. Really its just all my weights and tools piled in a place that’s kind of out of the way.

Temporary Gym

My Temporary Gym

In order to get the setup I desire and to avoid the elements (I hear there’s suppose to be thunderstorms here tonight) I’ll have to do some construction.

There’s two points to this. The first is that in no way am I going to wait for that time to train. Even if I had no weights I could get the job done just using my own body. Even if I didn’t have a large gym or yard to train in. For a long time I trained in my bedroom in a few square feet of space. You can’t let any excuse get in your way.

But the second point is contrary to the first. My goal is to become one of the strongest people in the world. I’ve never stated that in exact terms here but if you’ve been following me for awhile you may have guessed as much.

In order for that goal to come true, I must train not only hard but effectively. To do the best job I need certain tools. For example to build incredible brute strength, I plan on adding heavy partials to my training. For that I need a power rack and am therefore getting one soon. I want the BEST setup I can possibly have. If a single tool or technique can help me reach my goals better or faster it would be stupid of me not to obtain it.

If you have a goal you need to do certain things in order to reach it.

Another goal of mine is to grow my business. So another thing my new house has is a dedicated room for my office. To use a colloquial term, by pimping out my office this will allow me to further increase my productivity and get more done. I’m talking about a second desk for more workspace, a second computer monitor for more digital workspace, and a huge whiteboard wall for mapping out projects.

Just like before, I certainly didn’t start this way. I started my websites with a small laptop (running out of my bedroom again) on a wireless connection “borrowed” from a neighbor.

You can’t let anything stand in your way. But once you get going you owe it to yourself to give yourself everything you want and desire in order to reach your goals.

Do you agree with me? What are your goals that you can rearrange your life for? Comment below.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I’ll be doing my first workout in this new house in just a bit. I know it’ll be a good one.


  1. I love your temporary,but still hard-core gym!It’s not what you have,but what you do with what you have that makes the difference!
    My goal is to grow my buisness also—and to have 100,000 people visit my website–
    Keep up the great work Logan!!!

  2. Congrats, man. I KNEW you were looking toward being one of the strongest guys in the world, that’s cool.
    My goals for this year are: to get to a point where I can do 100 swings with a 53-lb. kettlebell; to become proficient at bending nails; and to lift my 175-lb. Atlas stone. I weigh 175 right now and want to drop to about 165 of lean muscle, but keep and even increase strength. AND I’m going to be 42 in August. But I’ve come a long way in the last year or two thanks to reading guys like you, thanks very much for the inspiration! Looking forward to more good stuff, and congrats again.

  3. best photo i’ve spied all week, man. ur certainly no run-of-the-mill strength enthusiast, seeing ur willingness to explore unconventional methods of training and sheer work ethic ;]

    its like, everyone has perhaps an upper limit to their strength. but few actually get there. “when” u get there, it will be easier to believe anythings possible

    just one thing. whats w/the rust??

  4. ok, i went off on a tangent.

    i feel people u surround urself with are very important. not everyone wants you to succeed, whether consciously or subconsciously. plus not everyone has a positive influence on ur life goals, whether its making a couple million / deadlifting multiple large plates…

    identifying who are positive & negative influences, and making provision accordingly goes a long way into creating the kind of life u wanna live. i think.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Vince.

    Todd I think you’ll do great on your goals. Let me ask you do you have the right tools for the job and are you currently working on them?

    Rik I agree with you completely. Good luck with your site too.

    Sol, my weights have sat outside for a long time in previous places hence the rust. I kind of like it. Gives it a more hardcore feel. Certainly not for the chrome and fern crowd.


  6. Congrats on the new place!

    Haha, chrome and fern crowd… they would’ve cringed at the things we used to do back in highschool wrestling and football practices.

  7. Congratulations Logan, although I am not hardcore like you male trainers, I sure get a lot of info and ideas from you and your friends.
    On Jan 19/10, you sent an email on “more on clubs and cables, I just had to have it. The kettlebell workouts healed my old shoulder injuries from my job, the indian clubs are lighter and I wanted to learn how to use them.
    So ebay had none, and I found, which I immediately bought from them, and The Comfort Store.
    Also, another email, you reminded us to stretch, so I stretch in the evening and workout in the morning, it works for me.

  8. Hello Logan,

    All the equipment you have Looks GREAT!! I am sure you will reach your strength Goal for sure. One thing missing is What Happen to your Handstand pedestal? Guess you not one of the fellow that go deep into Handbalancing? Guess you are happy that you can just hold a handstand and a few handstand push-up?? No half arm lever or tiger bend push-up?? Till then,

    Happy Training – Best – Gay

  9. You see that blue tub in the back? They’re in there. Still working on the hand balancing and now that you mention it I’ll be using those pedestals some more soon.


  10. hey man,

    been ultra busy with work mostly.

    ah..they {kettlebells} DEFINITELY look hardcore..but they’re safe to use right??
    of course they are. dumb q.

    really like the new blog look, here

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