Content vs. Context

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“How you visualize is more important than what you visualize.”

I have that quote there.  I quoted myself in the workbook.

So, if you imagine yourself doing a push-up, right?  That is the content: yourself doing a push-up.

But how you are seeing that, perceiving that, not just the visual sense, but you may have feelings with that — the details of that – that’s the context.

You may just notice yourself floating in space doing a push-up, but likely there’s some sort of ground.  

Maybe you’re seeing yourself on this [floor], or maybe you’re seeing yourself at your house or the gym you work at back home possibly, where you often do push-ups.  So that’s part of that. That kind of is part of the content as well.

But then how you are seeing the picture — how big it is, how small it is.  We’ll be going into a lot detail.

It really is those details, and this is what most people miss about visualization.  Like in sports psychology, visualization has been around for a long, long time.  But most people don’t get to these details, and the details is really the things that can make the biggest difference.

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