How to Heal Injuries Mentally

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We will be addressing using some of this stuff around injuries.

Basically, the way I look at injuries, most treating of injuries is done on the physical level.  I feel that it is important to get all of the different levels, including the mental and the emotional side of things which are generally not addressed.

The way I see it is people can have a chronic pain or injury — something that is around for twenty years, right?  Yet every single cell in the body is replacing itself; even bones get replaced every 7 years or so.  So something has to be keeping that injury there, and it’s often the mental/emotional program that’s basically triggering the nervous system not to heal that, because the body has a natural healing response.

It’s supposed to heal itself.  Generally it does, but something can get in the way of that.

So there are ways of working with the submodality stuff and applying it to healing injuries, helping to support that and everything.  So we will be talking about that, but not quite yet.

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