Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

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I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Croxton recently. I had listened to his show a few times and really liked what he was doing. He sent me a copy of his ebook The Dark Side of Fat Loss and this is my review of it.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss is an ebook. It really should be turned into a real book too. In fact that would be my biggest criticism of it. I hate having to spend more time at my computer than I already do. When it comes to reading I much prefer a book. Although I could print it out, that comes with its own hassles, so I much prefer to be able to get my hands on something real.

Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Who is this book for? A lot of people.

Here’s the sad truth. There are so many people out there that THINK they’re eating healthy but they’re not.

When I see a person drinking a diet soda I cringe. If you don’t know why that makes me cringe then you need this book. That’s a blatant example but there’s so many more subtle things as well.

This book is about fat loss, but its really about eating healthier and loosing fat because of that. It’s not a “quick-fix” diet plan. It’s about changing how you eat on a regular basis, which is the only thing that will result in long lasting fat loss.

The ebook has ten chapters.

Chapter 1: Hold No Myths To Be True

This chapter dispels the myths about calories and other ones, that are held dear by so many diet plans and books.

Chapter 2: It’s All About The Hormones

Here we’re introduced to a number of hormones like leptin, insulin, cortisol and ghrelin. Here you find out why fat loss can be so difficult because of how we’re hardwired and the “regular” food supply.

Chapter 3: Just Do What Healthy People Do

Dispelling more myths like saturated fat and cholesterol being horrible for you health. Did I mention if you like science this book is great for you (without being overly technical)?

Chapter 4: Just Eat Real Food

The main idea of the book is to “Just Eat Real Food” or JERF for short. Once again, most people aren’t even sure of what real food is. I’m sure the majority reading this are, but you aren’t ordinary (which is a good thing). So everything from animal foods to produce is covered. There’s also a list of things to avoid.

Chapter 5: The JERF30 Program

Here you learn how to put everything into action for 30 days. My favorite part of the book is covered in this section as well as being one of the bonuses. This is the Body Language sheet where you fill in what you eat and how you feel. With ideas from Metabolic Typing this will allow you to find what works best for you as an individual.

Chapter 6: Reduce Stress

All about how stress plays into the hormones mentioned earlier and leads people to keep that unwanted fat they just can’t get rid of. Of course this is followed up with tips to reduce stress in your life.

Chapter 7: Go To Bed

Very cool information about how your sleep schedule plays with your hormones and much more. Learning about the winter/summer connection was big for me.

Chapter 8: Heal Your Gut

A book on healthy eating really wouldn’t be complete without talking about bacteria, the good and the bad. Autoimmune disease, chronic cycles of inflammation, bowel movements and a whole lot more.

Chapter 9: Reduce Your Toxic Load

This chapter sums up the many toxins present in everyday life these days and what you can do about them. You’ll learn about how your liver, the major detoxifier in your body works, and how this can speed up or slow down all the other processes in this book.

Chapter 10: Get Your Mind Right

The mental side of diet, or training, or finances, or anything, is the crucial part to becoming a success at it. If you don’t have this area right you will fail. This chapter includes simple yet very effective things to help you get your mind in alignment with your goal.

Every chapter has additional resources listed, including episodes of the Underground Wellness show, and where to look at the science backing up everything.

For someone new to the world of (real) nutrition, I would highly recommend this ebook as a great place to start.

For someone looking to lose fat it’s a pretty obvious choice.

If reading through the above you know and understand all the areas talked about you may not need this book. I had a good idea about most of these areas but this book filled in lots of gaps for me. I have a much better understanding of how the hormones interact with each other now.

At 159 pages and small print its got a lot packed in it. For the price of $39.95 it’s a great deal. You can grab it here.

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