Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Podcast: Sean Croxton

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We’re switching gears a bit for the time being and covering more health and nutrition info over the next couple episodes. I’m honored to have Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness on the podcast.

sean croxton

  • Why JERF is the answer…
  • What we can learn from Weston A. Price
  • Simple method of understanding what foods work for your body and what doesn’t
  • The value of testing in helping you determine problems you may have
  • How to listen to your body!
  • What intermittant fasting can do for you
  • Do you have food allergies?
  • Taking care of your gut
  • And much more

For more information check out The Dark Side of Fat Loss.

Dark Side Of Fat Loss

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  1. Awesome interview. The guy is intelligent and very well spoken.
    Going to pick up that Dark Side book you talked about.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello,
    for anyone that felt like Mr. Croxton was talking about them while discussing all the unpleasent symptoms of food allergies( I did). I reccomend getting an ALCAT food allergy test done. This can be a great starting point to find out what is helping you heal/ thrive and what is taxing your system to the point of illness. It will probably show a lot of foods that you want to believe are giving you and edge in strength and muscle growth… deal with it.
    (On a side note, I shelled out the money to have all the herbs and supplements I had been prescribed evaluated. Most of the “adaptogenic adrenal strengthening” herbs that different natrupaths ( lets just call them allopathic herbalists had put me on came back as severe intolerances. I quit taking my “herbal medicine” started exploring fermented and traditionally prepared foods and began to feel better.)

    Fermented foods, because of the benevolent bacteria and predigestion, are your first line of defense againt allegies and disease.
    Just like in training if you wear through the duty cylces of your knee do to poor squating form you will hit a wall of pain and disfunction, same thing happens with your gut you only have so many enzymes to digest cooked food. If you blow through all of those enzymes because you did not take the time to prepare your food properly you are going to be hurting for certain and probably not understand why.
    In my opinion you can liken fermented foods to the sort of old school training you do Logan. They are both simple timetested principle based aproaches to keeping your body in balance over a entire lifetime.
    When you make your own traditional fermented foods. It is very much like reclaiming your primal connection to the ecosystem your ancestors evolved in. I’ve found I can eat as Paleofied as I want, all the enzymes from fresh veggies are great but meat wears out the gut without ferments.
    Probitics are good for this age we live in but by no means are pills ever replacements for something you can get naturally.
    Check out Wild fermentation and the invaluable Art of Fermentation.
    The Nourishing Traditions cook book is a wonderful resource for understanding the guiding principals of “slow food” too.

    Since you are focusing on these health related topics right now any chance you can get
    Sandor Katz on the podcast or maybe Sally Fallon?

    All the best.

    1. Author

      Great comments Ben. I love me those fermented foods. I’ve been meaning to pick up those books you’ve recommended and certainly will at some point.

      As for future guests I’ll see what I can do.

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