David Webster on Hand Balancing

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Strength historian David Webster wrote this about hand balancing in 1963:

“Few physical culturists attracted to balancing have any ambitions to perfect a first class act and top the bill at the variety theatres or on television, this has happened time and time again to fellows who set out to learn a handstand just for the fun of it.

Few forms of training are as enjoyable as balancing and not only the participators find it so; those watching the activity derive a great deal of pleasure from seeing the thrills and spills of training sessions as well as enjoying the final polished performance of the feats.

With a little conscientious practice, most people can master the elementary balances and this in itself encourages them to try harder stunts. Those who have a background in strength athletics of any description will have a great advantage over the less experienced.

The strong men will find their strength in the arms and shoulders a great asset, but don’t worry if you don’t possess strength or experience because the first balances can be practiced even by schoolboys.

Master the basic balances before trying the harder stunts. These lay the foundation for future success.”

I would agree with David completely.

I decided to master the handstand one day and look where that has led me. I’m not one of the best by any means but I’m teaching hundreds across the world.

Just look where you can be in 10 or 20 years. That’s a lot of time to practice!

It starts with the foundation. One simple move, the handstand.

From there you can take it in so many directions.

Finger Balancing

Walking and Jumping on Your Hands

The One Hand Handstand

Contorting Body Position

And much more. Once you learn the basics the next step is up to you. As long as you keep pushing forward, in a little time, you’ll be doing moves that will impress others and get them started on the hand balancing path.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


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