Death by All Causes

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Are you familiar with the term “death from all causes,” sometimes also called “all-cause mortality?”

In longitudinal research, that is studies where the same data is collected from the same people over long periods of time, this is something that can often be found.

For example, one group of people does X, while a second group does not do X. If more of the people that do X die over the years, regardless of whether this is from cancer, heart disease, skydiving accidents, or anything else, this is looked at as death from all causes. While it does not prove that X leads to more death, it certainly can be a strong clue, especially when large groups of people are used.

I recently came across a study that looked at the ability of people to sit down and getup from the floor using less additional support to do so. Those that were better at it died less from all causes.

I only found this after I had already created the Stand-Up Challenge course (which you can find available for free as part of membership), but it lent scientific credence to what I was doing.


Shortly, after that I stumbled across a passage in a book, that I’ll tell you about shortly, that pointed to another death from all causes study. When I read that, a light bulb went off for me as I thought, “Is all of the death from all causes studies found in some place?”

Sadly, when I researched it, I couldn’t find a source online. So, I set out to create it.

And that is exactly what is inside of October’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Newsletter.

I went through all the research I could find on any subject where this death from all causes was looked at.

Everyone knows exercise is good. But this included specific types of movement that were better than others.

Everyone knows that you gotta eat right. But what specifics cause you to die less?

For a few of these things, the common knowledge is to avoid them…but why do they cause you to die less when you do them? Of course, the usual suspects are in here, but a few of the studies surprised me, including those that looked at attitudes!

If you’d like to get this issue sent to your door, simply sign up here.

As mentioned above, you’ll also get the Stand-Up Challenge course, which is scientifically verified to help you live longer!

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