Rerunning a Mental Program

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I put together a multi-faceted plan to get back in action on the Beast Snatch, and finally achieve this big goal.

One part of that plan was for mental training.

And one aspect of that was to listen to my own Fitness Maximizer hypnotic tracks.  While I also do self-hypnosis each morning where it is self-directed, I still find listening to these tracks to be very useful to do in addition to that. Specifically, my plan is to listen to each of the four following tracks, once per week:

Why these four? Because they’re all suited to my goal. I need more strength. More endurance. More mental toughness. And I need to get bigger. And it was in my first listen to the Muscle Gain Maximizer that something interesting happened.

You see, this is not the first time I’ve EVER listened to this track. It was just the first time I’ve done it recently.

In the past, I listened to an earlier version twice a day, every day, while I gained over twenty-five pounds in under a month. (You can read about there here.) I also used it around the start of this year, just a few times to help me gain weight for this same goal.

As I mentioned, I lost some weight during the move, so not only do I need to regain that, but a few pounds more to really get on top.

So, I was lying there on the mats after my workout listening to this hypnotic audio track once again. During it, specifically around one of the non-grammatically correct, confusing run-on sentences (the hypnotic term being punctuation ambiguity, among other things), I felt my body light up.

Energy moving through my body in specific ways.

It was like I was reactivating an existing program that I had great results with before…and in this moment, I could FEEL this happening.

Although I had certainly felt things happening in hypnosis before, never before was it quite like this!

After that session, I immediately felt how my body needed/desired more food, which is a big part of gaining mass. It wasn’t that I had to try to eat more, it was that it was natural to do so.

I was “ravenously hungry” (which is a specific command phrase inside the hypnosis).

I’ve said in the past that the more you do mental training, the more it will work for you.  This is a great case in point. By using hypnosis over and over, even if broken apart by long stretches of time, it may actually work even better. If you haven’t experienced the results hypnosis can bring for your fitness, be sure to check out the various tracks here.

You’ll notice it’s not just me, but lots of other people have been getting great results using these.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on how my plan goes. Just thought this experience was worth sharing.


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