How to Plan for a Big Training Goal

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I’m settled into my new house, and things are mostly back to normal.

However, much that I want to go off in a new training direction, I still have a big goal I need to hit before I can do that.

The Beast Snatch Test.

I was closing in on it, but let me tell you something. It is tough to stay on top with this goal. One slip up, and you’re no longer at your peak snatching ability.

As you might imagine, moving got in the way. (Or rather, coming from a place of personal responsibility, I allowed it to get in the way.) So, I am not at my peak…but I know I can get back there shortly.

What I needed was to refresh my plan of action, which involves what I am going to be doing week by week, until I conquer this goal.

  • Training plan – Which exercises will I be doing (and equally important, what will I NOT be doing that could interfere)
  • Nutrition plan – I lost some weight during the move, so not only do I need to regain that, but a few pounds more to really get on top.
  • Mental plan – What is going to keep me primed on this target? I’ll fill you in on a few details of an interesting thing that happened when I initiated this plan tomorrow.
  • Recovery plan – In addition to the above, what am I going to do to further my recovery from these workouts?
  • Breathing plan – In my past experience, I’ve found that working on breathing exercises, outside of regular workouts, helps with the conditioning aspect. That shouldn’t be surprising, but few people take advantage of it. You can read more about this inside of Upgrade Your Breath.

As you can tell, my plan is multi-faceted. And if you want to achieve any big things for yourself, whether it is getting stronger, losing weight, fixing any injury or anything else, your plans need to be as well.

By attacking a thing from every conceivable angle, you’re much more likely to achieve it.

As mentioned, I’ll be sharing something interesting that happened as soon as I started to put this plan into action tomorrow.

Stay tuned…

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