Derren Brown on Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is a fascinating field, one that most people just have myths and misconceptions about. This video with Derren Brown, on The Joe Rogan Experience, is a good place to learn about what hypnosis is and it isn’t.

There’s a myth that you couldn’t be hypnotized to do anything you wouldn’t want to do…but this doesn’t seem to be the truth!

One of the most important things to recognize is that Derren has shown hypnosis could be used to commit murder (but only in select subjects)! This has important ramifications for life and reality.

You can find details about that 1 hour, 27 minutes in.

Here are more details about what you’d find on here:

0:00 = Los Angeles wildfires, how they’re impacting Joe’s neighborhood. Joe’s love/hate relationship with living in LA.
4:50 = Derren’s Instagram and paintings, photography. Derren talks about being a shy and timid kid, how he got into hypnosis and magic.
13:25 = Derren explains the handshake induction/interrupt as it relates to hypnosis, how he once used diversion tactics to diffuse a potential street fight.
17:55 = Process of hypnosis, psychology of hypnosis and suggestibility.
26:45 = Derren talks about his stage show “Miracle” and experimenting with faith healing, the psychological component of it, and faith healing as a form of hypnosis.
30:35 = The Placebo Effect. Joe discusses the possible impact of having an extremely positive attitude, Derren’s response on the limitations of that by outside reality.
40:00 = Derren discusses his Netflix show “The Push” (or “Pushed to the Edge”), trying to convince someone to kill someone on the show to see if it can be done.
45:15 = Derren discusses his show “Apocalypse”, staging the end of the world for an unknown participant. Near death experiences, how they can positively impact people.
47:25 = Derren discusses his new Netflix show “Sacrifice”.
54:20 = Derren discusses his show “Hero at 30,000 Feet”, convincing a regular person they have to emergency land a plane.
57:40 = How Derren comes up with the concept for a show.
1:05:20 = How fictional narratives from movies give people false expectations with their own lives. Joe discusses how modern humanity has lost touch with nature, particularly our relationship with animals.
1:09:00 = Shamans, the experience of transcendence. The importance of finding meaning in life, even if you’re an Atheist.
1:17:35 = Tyson Fury’s experience with severe depression, how important goal setting was for him to get out of his depression.
1:19:45 = Christianity introducing the idea that human suffering will be rewarded later. Fear of death.
1:23:20 = Needs of the human mind, the need for knowledge, wisdom, inspiration. Jung’s model of psychoanalysis.
1:27:15 = Suggestibility, science of suggestibility and hypnosis. Derren’s show “The Assassin”. Ethical complications of convincing people to do something awful under hypnosis and how it permanently impacts that person.
1:32:20 = FBI tactics for catching potential terrorists. Possibility that hypnosis has been used in the past for “Manchurian Candidate” types of agendas.
1:36:05 = Derren’s book “Happy” (about happiness). The importance of anxiety as a trigger for self-growth. Joe’s belief that happiness comes from embracing difficult tasks.
1:45:15 = Being shy, overly introspective, fear of rejection, anxiety of interactions with people. Disillusionment as a learning tool. Manifestation, luck, genetics, environment all being factors in success.
1:51:20 = The universe as a perspective enhancer.
1:55:25 = Fraudulent “medium/psychic” TV shows. How cults work. People’s need to believe in something even if we know it’s ludicrous.
1:57:45= Derren finding unexpected comfort in the meaninglessness of life, accepting things for the way they are and what you can and can’t control.
2:05:05 = Cultural cycles of rediscovering things. Philosophy of atheism and belief. Podcast wrap-up.

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