Develop Strong Grip With a Help of Edward Aston

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Another article from the Strongman Profile series at Breaking Muscle has just been published.

Strongman Profile: Edward Aston Teaches the Basics of Grip Strength

Grip exercise by Edward Aston

Grip workout by Edward Aston

Edward Aston is not one of the better-known old-time strongmen, but he deserves to be.

Aston beat out Maxick for the World’s Middle-Weight-Lifting Championship in 1910. The following year, he won the title of Britain’s Strongest Man, beating out the famed Thomas Inch. Aston held onto that title for over twenty years until he retired, undefeated.

Aston reported in his book Modern Weight Lifting: And How to Gain Strength that some of his favorite and best lifts included:

  • One-hand clean and press of 243lbs
  • One-hand clean to shoulder of 250lbs
  • Two-hand clean of 282lbs
  • Two-hand jerk of 311lbs
  • One-hand snatch of 180lbs

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