How I’m Healing My Shoulder

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The other week I told you about how I injured my shoulder in a Thanksgiving football game (actually playing it, not just watching TV).

Based on what’s happening there is likely some tendon and/or ligament damage. If it was just the muscles it would be fine by now, but its not.

I say likely because I don’t know for sure. I didn’t see a doctor. I didn’t get an MRI.


I take my health and my healing into my own hands. What would a doctor really do for me besides prescribe drugs and/or surgery?

I don’t take any pharmaceutical drugs, not even ibuprofen.

And I have faith in the healing power of my body, that it can take care of this.

This isn’t to say that drugs and surgery aren’t needed in some cases. But this certainly isn’t one of them.

And I think the cases where they are needed are extremely far and few. When I first heard how placebo knee surgeries worked as well or better than actual surgeries it kind of made me put less value in surgery.

But I digress…

For healing you need to work on several levels.

The obvious one is the physical.

But there’s also the energetic, the emotional and the mental. While these are tied together in many ways they can also be separated out.

My primary line of physical in the beginning is what you could call joint mobility. My arm couldn’t move above parallel when I started out. So I moved it where I could and improved from there.

Eventually I was getting overhead but not quite completely. And I could keep it there better if it was supported and I didn’t have to lift it. So this allowed a few different forms of mobility.

Regaining this basic shoulder mobility was the top physical priority.

Regaining this basic shoulder mobility was the top physical priority.

Today I can basically move it anywhere but overhead and behind still have some pressure (not pain). Swinging around an indian club also felt good, but not too many reps.

Once mobility got better I started adding resistance.

What worked well was Hindu pushups starting on the knees. This “from above to below” range of motion worked well.

That’s where I’m at so far.

Later today I’ll be added banded resistance.

Then trying some very light getups.

(By the way, all of this is covered in the Indestructible Shoulder program, which I put together before this occur. Now I’m just applying it all.)

So that’s the physical component.

I dealt with the emotional using one of the best tools for doing so, energy psychology. The biggest aspect was fear that this might permanently derail me from my training in the long run.

And that also brought up the “poor me” attitude.

I can’t stress how important dealing with these properly are to successful healing.

Then I worked to install a greater attitude of “fast healing” by using past resources.

Included along with the physical component is nutrition.

I’ve been drinking almost a quart of bone broth on most days which is rich in collagen.

Also taking MSM and amalaki powder which is rich in vitamin C.

Plus eucommia, the bark of a rubber tree, which is a great herb for connective tissues.

I’m using the north side of a magnet to bring energy to the area.

In the night time I apply a castor oil pack with heat over the shoulder and let it soak.

See, this is where most people go wrong with healing. They just wait for it to happen. Yes the body is great at healing, but it needs help.

How many different actions am I taking?

Any one thing by itself is not likely to be sufficiently.

But you take MASSIVE ACTION, and do 10-15 things then chances are you’ll win.

More updates to come later.


  1. awesome 😉

    mental aspect is sometimes the MOST difficult part. i had spine damage couple years ago. it was the disbelief in the healing process, and over-listening to cautious medical advice, that put healing off by couple months, possibly.

    it was only after some accidental & then purposeful experimentation that i was able to slowly knock-away my limiting belief.

    1. Author

      You have to be careful talking to other people (especially doctors). They don’t realize how powerful what they say can influence your own beliefs. In my own case I laughed internally when a few people talked about additional problems I’d have as a result of this.

  2. ur right, man.

    self-belief’s vital when it comes to building strength beyond the intermediate lvl / taking healing seriously. wish i had known it earlier!!

    sometimes when my mind gets in the way i watch TV or do some mindless task and then the pain / fatigue / frustration somehow seems less when consciously tracking it again. have not learned how to do it consciously, tho

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