Different Kind of Squats by Sig Klein

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I just put up another article at Breaking Muscle in the strongman profile series.

Strongman Profile: Siegmund Klein Teaches Us a Different Way to Squat

Sig Klein

Siegmund Klein was a famous all-around old-time strongman. He was well regarded for his physique and posing skills. In addition to being strong with barbells and other weights, he was accomplished at hand balancing and as a muscle-control artist.

Like many strongmen, Klein can provide us with lessons that are still relevant to our modern-day training. If you’re looking for “new” moves, then read on to learn about the “deep knee bend” and the “turning-the-barbell exercise” and see if you can accomplish anything close to what Klein did.

Let’s take a look at two exercises that you might not be familiar with from Klein’s book, Super Physique. First up his deep knee bend. This is what is now called a squat, but specifically done in the Steinborn Method.

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