Gym Chat – Indestructible Body

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Just last night I was interviewed by Josh Hewett about building an indestructible body.

Here’s a few of the articles, along with videos, mentioned in the video.

Building an Indestructible Body

52 Ways to Get Up Off the Floor

Cossack Squat and Variations

The full Indestructible Body program isn’t available quite yet, but you can get it, joint by joint, within the Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle.


  1. Hi Logan,
    Great interview by Josh. I have a question that would be great if you could answer.
    I know you are strong as phuck but why aren’t you big, gaining strength should help building size, but you look not a lot bigger(but definitely stronger than a year or so ago- and relatively small for someone with your strength)?

    I am asking because I want to achieve strength feats as amazing as your but woul also like to build muscle and size to match my strength.

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