Muscle Control Routines by Otto Arco

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I just put up another article in the Strongman Profile series at Breaking Muscle featuring another small framed strongman – Otto Arco.

Strongman Profile: Otto Arco Teaches Us About Muscle Control Techniques

Otto Arco

Otto Arco

Otto Arco was a Polish strongman and wrestling champion. Born in 1881 as Otto Nowosielsky, he didn’t have the typical strongman profile. He was only 5’2” and 138lbs. But he was still considered one of the best wrestlers, pound for pound, in the world.

As a physical culturist, Otto was well rounded. He trained weight lifting, muscle control, hand balancing, acrobatics, and more. This broad range of skill and ability, even while being physically tiny, is what makes him one of my favorite strongmen. (Also, because he happened to be an avid stamp collector and poker player, too.) Some of his weight-lifting feats included a 175lb barbell getup and a 280lb clean and jerk.

Read the entire article at Breaking Muscle.

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