Does your drinking water cause cancer? [new study]

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I’ve been harping on the importance of the quality of your drinking water for probably ten years now.

Many people get a filter and think they’re covered…when unfortunately that may not be enough.

When I saw this new study came out, I was not surprised by the findings, though some of the stats were shocking.

Here are just a few points.

Within the USA, drinking tap water from 2010-2017 likely led to 100,000 cancer cases.

This is mostly from arsenic, radioactive contaminants (uranium in the water!) and disinfection byproducts (such as the chlorine used to kill off bacteria which turns to chloroform).

Here’s a good quote. “It is important to highlight that the vast majority of the community water systems analyzed in this study were in compliance with U.S. national drinking water standards.” In other words, according to our government agencies, these amounts leading to one hundred thousand cancer cases are okeydokey.

Not to mention that this analysis was deemed conservative and it’s like much worse. There are multiple other compounds (nitrosamines, polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals) that are not monitored but have impacts.

It’s important to realize while this study looked at cancer, it is not just about cancer.

There are likely neurological impacts, energy system impacts, even fat gain impacts and much more from all these toxins.

There are likely issues for just about any other disease too.

And if you don’t think hydration, nor the compounds that come with it, end up affecting your recovery and therefore your workouts, you’re kidding yourself.

Sure, it’s not a huge deal. These are subtle things. But add this to similar compounds you get elsewhere in food, in the air and elsewhere and it’s not a wonder why chronic disease is what it is nowadays.

(They mention in the study this drinking water risk is roughly equivalent to that of air pollutants, another subject I frequently write about.)

So what do you do about it?

As I’ve written about in Powered By Nature and Upgrade Your Water, where you get your water matters.

I get most of my water from a fresh, local spring.

That is the case even though I live on land with a high-quality well (one that I have tested because a well water supply is far from equal).

Before I had these, I went for the biggest and best filters I could find. A Britta is just ain’t going to cut it.

If you want to be healthy long term you have to look after these subtle effects.


  1. You didn’t cite the study. I didn’t even notice it because I know you’re legit but I immediately shared it with others and that was the first comeback.

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