Double Kettlebell Snatch

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I haven’t shared too much of my training lately because it’s pretty boring from the outside.

By that I mean it’s quite repetitive. I’m doing very similar things from day to day, but always progressing from one workout to the next.

My priority in training is reaching my Beast Snatch goal.

Right along with that I’ve got a kettlebell competition coming up in just a month and a half.

I’ve found, that as I’m doing heavy weights, for high reps, it’s pretty rough on the body.

In listening to my body, instead of pounding it into the ground, I can’t do this and a whole lot else.

But still there is variation within the main goal.

One of those variations is the double kettlebell snatch. This also happens to be one of the events at the competition that I will be doing.

So I thought I’d share this PR.

I doubt many people will want to watch this video. Truthfully, girevoy sport isn’t the most exciting thing to watch.

But it is proof of what I did. So what was the PR?

150 snatches in ten minutes with double 16kg’s (or 35 lbs. each)

Technically it’s a half snatch, in that the kettlebells are lowered to the shoulders after being overhead, instead of being swung all the way down.

There’s also a secondary reason I did this. I wanted to check on how my lockout is looking.

As I was lambasted for not hitting a full lockout in every one of my 300 snatches with the 24kg in ten minutes, and I will be in an upcoming competition where there is a count or no count, it’s important I focus on the lockout.

Looking at the video I think it’s great though in the competition I might need to pause a split second longer at lockout.

That’s useful feedback for me.

This was a good test of my endurance and mental toughness.

Truly a test in my practice – training – testing model.

I’ll continue to update you on my training for this from time to time, and I’ll definitely fill you in on the competition.


  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Question: what was the reason for the half snatch? Minimizing the brutality on the high volume? Just curious.

    Also, do you think there is any place for eccentric overspeed on double snatches?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Author

      Yes, the half snatch spares the low back which can be tougher with higher volumes and heavier weights. I think I’d be fine to do it, but it would add more recovery time, thus slowing my training. Even though this is a pretty light weight its also practicing the groove for when I go heavier.

      Yes, they certainly could be done overspeed, just start carefully with it.

  2. Logan,
    You have inspired me to go out to The Pit in my back yard where the bells are lined up and perform the double KB snatch. I like the drop to shoulder level. At least to start. Best total body workout. Thanks. FT

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