An Old Lift for Improved Gains

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A new guest article was put up at Breaking Muscle a couple of days ago.

Old-time Strongman for New Strength: The Jefferson Deadlift

Jefferson Lift

I might like the Jefferson deadlift more than any other version of the deadlift. Yet this amazing exercise is seldom seen in most gyms. My goal with this article is simple. I just want you to try out this exercise.

Named after strongman Charles Jefferson, this lift has been around for a long time. Bruce Lee was even a fan of it. It has also gone by a few other names including the Jefferson squat, Jefferson lift, and straddle deadlift.

The difference between the Jefferson lift and other deadlifts is that you are straddling the bar, hence that last and most descriptive name. That means that one foot is in front of it and one foot is behind.

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