Forearm Workout at Home With Dumbbells

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How do you do a forearm workout at home with dumbbells? Also this could apply to working out at any gym. For some of the exercises I recommend you’ll need plate loaded dumbbells. Most commercial dummbells have a thin handle which automatically reduces the involvement of forearms in any workout.

The most popular forearm exercises with dumbbells are regular and reverse wrist curls, but I never really liked those. I felt they really weren’t accomplishing much.

Instead, for starters, you need to get something like Fat Gripz which can easily make any dumbbell or a barbell handle thick enough to properly work your forearms. Once you get used to these you’ll basically train your forearms and hands in every other exercise involving a dumbbell or a barbell.

One of the exercises I like is to simply grab the dumbbell, throw it and catch it from hand to hand. This will definitely get your forearms pumped. Fat Gripz last forever and they are fairly cheap, especially considering the alternative of buying expensive thick bars just for this purpose.

If you have small, 3-6 lbs dumbbells you can use those to perform leveraged wrist curls which work the forearm much better than regular dumbbell wrist curls because of the leverage, plus it feels much more natural.

These can also be used for supination and pronation or you can just move them around in circles for a minute or two. The alternative is to remove the plate from one side of the dumbbell and load the other side pretty light (or with no weight at all). With just 2.5lb plate you’ll be able to really put those forearms to work.

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