Sunshine on Balls

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This is going to sound really weird.

I bet a bunch of people are going to unsubscribe or write me off just because of it. But I don’t care.

I have to tell you the truth.

Vitamin D is critically important for your health. In fact, its not so much a vitamin but a hormone precursor.

And you get vitamin D from the sun. What most people don’t know is that’s not ALL you get from the sun. Other things are formed too.

That’s why, if you can, getting sun is more important than just supplementing with Vitamin D.


But I digress…

What people may not realize is that WHERE you get that sun might matter.

And specifically I’m talking about getting sun “where the sun don’t shine.”

Your testicles and even the scrotal skin is important for hormone production.

The testicles produce 95% of the testosterone in the male body. Yet they don’t get any respect.

Yet you couldn’t possibly want to get direct Vitamin D formation there, could you?

(Of course, don’t overdo it. I couldn’t think of a worse place for a bad sunburn!)

A study at Boston State Hospital showed that people exposed to UV light on their chest and back saw in increase of 120% to testosterone.

That’s pretty good.

But when the genitals were exposed to the same like testosterone production increased 200%! [source]

As mentioned this may be because Vitamin D is not really a vitamin but a hormone precursor. So it makes sense.

As the testicles are where 95% of testosterone is produced, if you can localize your skin’s formation of D then you can see a direct increase.

So after hearing about this in my studies, like a good student, I had to give it a try.

There’s other people that live around me, so its not the easiest thing to pull off.

But I had to try. Sitting in my yard one day I pull my pants down slightly and let the sun shine…

What I saw next surprised the hell out of me?

My balls appeared to move of their own accord.

I watched in awe for a couple minutes, as they basically squirmed around.

I have NO clue about why this was, but the sunshine certainly seemed to be activating something.

Considering this may have been the first time since childhood my balls got direct sunlight, I shouldn’t be too surprised.

But if anyone gives this a shot and notices this effect let me know. I’d like to know I’m not crazy and the only one 🙂

For even more information about the benefits of sunshine beyond vitamin D (and why the risks aren’t as bad as they say) check out this in-depth article.

Tanning your nuts…

Its just one of the weird, but possibly critically important pieces, of the testosterone puzzle that I cover in Upgrade Your Testosterone.

Just like it took me awhile to even try this one out, I don’t expect everyone else too.

The good news its not all weird. There’s lots of “normal” stuff in there too.

Make sure you pick up a copy here today.

Upgrade Your Testosterone

Note: After getting many comments down below I can confidently say a few more things.

  1. I am not alone. While the reason they balls appear to move, it’s kind of like they’re breathing is still unknown (no, it’s not just from the heat) this appears to happen for most guys.

  2. Also important for some, for whatever reason this practice appears to increase the size of the balls too.

  3. This absolutely does appear to be helping with testosterone production. Of course, it is one thing of many but in my latest blood results I came in with 992 ng/dL total testosterone and 1.2 ng/dL free testosterone. This was despite not having high enough vitamin D overall. There is always room for improvement. 


  1. Thanks for “uncovering” this fact. I appreciate your willingness to discuss this, rather than shy away to keep visitors comfortable. That makes me trust your advice more, not less. Comfort doesn’t equal progress. I would be interested in reading the studies you mentioned. Where can I find them?

    1. I’ve been nude tanning all my life. Being in the cold during winter lack of sunshine , come spring the pants come down and I tan away,, do feel amazing after a few days , anyway good to know I’m getting even more benefits then just V D and a all over no tan lines look…
      As for your balls moving it’s really the scotum moving ! It’s a thermometer! It keeps the sperm at the same temperature as much as it can ! What happens when you go swimming in cold water?? Da. Same as heat, leave a sauna and your balls are knee high. ..

  2. How long should you expose your testicles to the sun for maximum benefit?

    1. Author

      Just like other exposure it will depend on the darkness of your skin. For pale people like me 15-30 minutes is suppose to be enough. For darker people an hour or so. Of course, with this area I would start on the low side.

  3. Intetesting this makes a whole lot of sense”” if your son comes from there then activating it by the sun, it’s like a physical thing but beyond that it’s metaphysical.. Thanks Logan I’m inspired by your blog keep it up !

  4. dude,

    awesome revelation. of course, its not easy to pull off, esp. in certain countries where being unclothed is punishable by law, NOT just social surprise lol

    but yea, sunlight definitely does more than simply provide vitamin D. and considering modern science is still plodding around & so much good research gets buried / under-funded due to PATHETIC political / economic / cultural biases healthfully is waaaaay better trusted to individuals like yourself, who actually have best interests in mind.

    fictional Tarzan was practically naked. muscular + ripped to the bloody effing bone!! 😉

  5. What about wearing just some White or grey underwear how much sun will that let in compared to being underwearless

    1. Author

      Didn’t think of that. I would imagine some sunlight definitely gets through so it should work, just to a lesser degree.

    2. Sunshine may increase your testosterone levels but it also lowers your PSA. That’s important if you have prostate cancer. Maybe that warm sunshine lowers the inflammation in your body. Inflammation raises your PSA.

      1. Author

        I hadn’t heard that before. Do you have a reference for that information?

    3. Rolling of testicles I can assure you isn’t weird I always had this, it also happens just at normal times without sun especially if I feel a little turned on or after having sex, if you keep an eye on them you’ll notice, but definitely they get more agitated under sunlight. First time I tried sunbathing testicles I noticed increased activity down there so I knew there must be something, I was a little worried about uv effect that’s why I was googling came up with your blog. Nice read and thanks for sharing

    4. Light colored underwear REFLECTS light. To ABSORB more light you’ll want dark undies.

    5. I learned the hard way that a white cotton T-shirt has an SPF of about 4. Did a high mountain hike in the summer, surrounded by snow, and covered all exposed areas in sunscreen, but not under my T-shirt. Ended up with a reverse-farmer’s tan. Looked ridiculous, like I was wearing a red T-shirt.

  6. You’re clearly adhd (as am I)
    However i am not gonna unsubscribe due to this post, instead I’m not gonna subscribe in the first place!

    “I disgress” … I disgress… yeah i hate people who say that and for good reason.
    However I’m not gonna say reason, cause I’m an asshole that believes people who only copy information instead of such PLUS actually thinking, are try hards who deserve about as much respect as a pig learning english and say “yes i want to live in my own filth, don’t take that away from me, bro”

    Anyway, yay for posting topic which most are not aware of. (And the further positive implications that arise, even though you’re probably blissfully ignorant).

    So thanks for the post.
    I do suggest though, adjust your egotistical narcissistic nature.

  7. I do it sometimes, taking sun nude with testicles at sun in my flat (i live in spain) but i didn’t notice something moving, maybe i didn’t watch enough while i was taking sun 😉
    It’s hard to know the effect, for me taking sun, the only effect i feel is that i feel good after taking it (of course we don’t have to abuse, you’ll have to avoid sunburn, so just enough to feel good), and since years i don’t use solar cream because i think it’s better without for vitamin D synthesis, and for the chemical products inside suncream that i don’t trust.

  8. I have also experimented with exposing my testicles to direct sunlight and found that the scrotal sac responds with a kind of “wave-like “rolling motion that lifts and twists my gonads – -it is apparently directly due to the direct sunlight striking on my balls – -because when I shade them the movement stops immediately. Did also notice that my energy levels and libido increased dramatically the following day. Think this may be a good therapy to continue !

    1. The undulating movement of the scrotum when exposed to direct sunlight is due to the function of temperature regulation. The testicles and sperm produced must not get too hot or they will expire. The wisdom of the sac also produces giggles from observers as well apparently.

  9. Was not aware of any effect sunlight was having on my nuts until my girlfriend commented on how my low hanging balls seemed to be massaging themselves when we were laying naked together on a nude beach. She said it was fascinating to watch and enjoyed the “show” !! She also liked massaging my nuts when they were hot and loose from the sun – – -just saying !

    1. Have noticed that guys who visit nude beaches on a regular basis seem to have larger than average ball sacs. Guess all that direct sunlight on the balls also helps them to grow larger. Glad that summer is coming so I can resume this therapy.

      1. Sunshine on your balls is so awesome! Been sunning for at least 10yrs now. It does improve your test levels, I’m 58 and feel like 27 again. I also do ball massage and use ball weights and this takes the test and good feeling to a level that is out of this world. My balls are low hangers and when they get warm wow the feeling of bouncing off my inner thighs is so good.

  10. Balls move around because they are cooling down trying to reduce temperature b/c ball sack is always a little bit cooler than body temperature

    1. Author

      That can’t be it. Simple experiment: balls in sunlight vs. balls next to a heater.

      1. I honestly think they move in the sun light because they’re both absorbing the vitamin d and producing testosterone. They’re at work under the sun!

  11. Great to know that Vitamin D is not really a vitamin but a hormone precursor. We need to work and do more research to get more benefits from Sun rays.

  12. I personally did notice that vitamin D from tablets or Sun increases sex drive. But why scrotum exposure works better at vitamin D/testosterone production? Maybe because skin is such areas is particularly sensitive to UV?

    1. Author

      Well, its not just about Vitamin D for one. Also it’s direct, whereas it needs to travel within the body to get there for other skin exposure or by taking supplements.

  13. Any updates?

    I just did this sitting at my computer, getting sun through the window (closed) with shades slighty open (I have a neighbor right next to me) so that they cannot see me naked getting the balls warm. MY BALLS DO MOVE !!!

    1. Be careful with getting sunlight through glass. Long story short, some studies have shown a difference between UV-A and UV-B in terms of their penetrating ability. If i’m not mistaken, UV-B is more beneficial, and it’s the UV length which provides all or most of the vitamin D. But only the UV-A can penetrate through glass. I may have some of the facts wrong, but I think that’s the gist of it. Dr. Mercola has some solid articles on this.

      1. Author

        Yes, glass blocks UV-B which is the vitamin D producing part, or at least that is what science is saying right now. Probably not the whole picture, but I wouldn’t recommend having the glass between you and the sun.

  14. I am sure ball movement when exposed to sun (heat) is because testicles and penis are temperature sensitive. That’s why, when you jump into cold water, you shrink, and balls get sucked up close to the body, to stay warm. Opposite is true when heat is applied. Balls drop and penis grows. Simple physics.

    1. Author

      You’re arguing from a theoritical idea you have, rather than actual experience. It’s not heat because they’d actually be warmer inside clothing then outside, yet they aren’t moving the same way then. Rather I believe it is some sort of photosensitivity. Besides the movement isn’t just towards or away from sun, but can be back and forth.

      1. funny, I tried this today, and it was pretty windy out so it wasn’t alot hotter in the sun, but for sure my balls moved and I searched this up just to hear others feedback, what do ya kno’. I’m sure it has benefits, yet I also hear that blue light and uv isn’t good for T production, however I’m quite sure that exposure to the sun is a good thing on a basis shorter than once every umpteen years. Plus it’s chill and we shouldn’t have to cage the beasts for all of their outdoor lives.

  15. Ive been laying out naked for years and I recently started to wonder what effect the sun was having on my penis and balls so I did a search and came across this post. I thought I would share a little about my situation.
    Every summer I lay out by the pool naked to get a great tan. I lay out almost every day and my balls and penis get a great tan as the rest of me. I have noticed my balls moving around but never understood why, so today I did a little experiment. I layed out for about an hour and sure enough my balls moved around. After getting a little hot I jumped into the pool to cool down. When I got out I layed out but with my balls facing away from the sun. I gave it about 15-20 minutes to see if they would warm up and move after being in the cool water. And their was nothing. I turned back into direct sunlight to warm my balls up and as soon as I could feel the heat on them sure enough their was movement.
    I’m 50 years old and I can say I feel great with a lot of energy. Not sure if tanning my balls is the reason for this, but if it is I’m definitely going to continue getting out in the backyard naked and enjoy the sun as much as possible.
    I would also say that if you have never enjoyed the pleasure of just relaxing outside naked then your missing out on something great. I would suggest you find someplace reclusive that you feel comfortable barring all to the world or see if their are any nudist clubs near by.

  16. Find it interesting that now I live in a warm climate where I can sunbath often in the nude, my testicles have actually “increased” in overall size and always respond to movement when exposed to direct sunlight. I think there must be some benefit as my energy levels as well as my “libido” have increased dramatically from sunbathing nude.

  17. Recently visited Haulover Beach in Miami and can confirm that many of the guys sunning there in the nude had much larger than average scrotum sacs. Was kind of hard not to notice – – – an interesting experience for sure. Hope I can obtain the same results now that I have seen the evidence of sunlight exposure.

  18. I found this post because I was looking to see if anybody else has seen their testicles and testosterone increase with sunlight exposure.

    I have been consistently getting much bigger testicles after and during sun exposure. I did not even expose my testicles to the sun, but the area in the immediate vicinity. Wow! what a change!

    This post and other comments re-enforce my observation that the sun did increase my testosterone levels and the size of my testicles – they were bigger than ever.

  19. Have been sunbathing in the nude most days this summer and can see a definite increase in the overall size of my scrotum. Apparently there is a benefit from sunshine shinning directly on the testicles as others have noticed also. Kind of like having bigger balls!

    1. The undulating movement of the scrotum when exposed to direct sunlight is due to the function of temperature regulation. The testicles and sperm produced must not get too hot or they will expire. The wisdom of the sac also produces giggles from observers as well apparently.

  20. Being a serious bodybuilder who is always seeking ways to improve my body, I was curious and skeptical of all these testimonials until I decided to find out for myself and expose my balls to sunlight and see what might actually happen. Can now confirm that my balls also responded immediately . I noticed definite movement of my nuts like a wave rolling motion. I repeated this experiment frequently over this past summer and now can confirm my ballsac is considerably larger and heavier. I like the results since I always wanted to have “low hangers”. Cool when others notice and comment on my big nuts now !

  21. Fascinating thanks. Another experiment to try;)

    Something along these lines might have heard of is LLLT (low level laser therapy). Have a look at Dr. Michael Hamblin’s work or his book. (protocol in this context is basically using far infrared light to stimulate mitochondrial efficiency… and of course there’s plenty of mtc in your man plums;)

  22. Sounds like an interesting experiment to try. Now I understand that trying out a nudist colony may not seem so “crazy” after all.

  23. I’ve never missed a chance to get naked under the sun. It just feels good. While I thought everybody’s balls moved around, it’s good to know I’m special that way. I guess that explains the size too. And here I was praising genetics! I always did it though, because I live in a very humid environment and direct sunlight will also help prevent/cure various itches and funguses that live among us here. Plus, that’s a good excuse to just get rid of those clothes and lie around under the trees or in a field.

  24. Hello All,

    This is a great article and I can testify over the last several months that I’ve noticed huge increases in Libido and the size of the scrotum even days after initial exposure. FYI, based on experience and what I know about Vitamin D production, you need the window open for it to have an effect preferibly with no screen or a loose screen.

    However I’m writing mainly because I have a question about Estrogen. I have no doubt the sunlight is significantly increasing my testosterone but can this cause an excess in aromatase activity (IE estrogen conversion)? I noticed some pain in the chest area a few weeks ago (gynecomastia) and I wonder if there is a connection. Has any of you had this issue? I also read that Vitamin D decrease aromatase which is responsible for converting testisterone to estrogen so I don’t rule out it being completely unrelated. I had an unrelated case of gyno in the past that improved over time so this is not the first time I am experiencing this symptom.

    Any input is appreciated.


    1. Author

      It coming from sunlight and therefore being natural, I imagine it would not be causing that issue. However, if other things are off, causing too much aromatase in your body, then it is plausible that the increased testosterone could become estrogen.

      1. That was my initial reasoning. I know correlation does not equal causation. I take it you have not experienced this symptom which is telling.

      2. Is it normal that after sun exposure to my scrotum while standing, I pre-ejaculate (precum)?

        1. I tried exposing my nuts to the sun for the first time today and had the same thing happen

  25. I agree, I feel better since sunbathing nude. I’m in Spain and often get the opportunity to strip off. I’m a holistic therapist and interested in the health benefits of being naked in nature and ‘earthing’. I noticed also that I never get sunburn on my genitals even when lying out for hours a day and even when I need to put sun cream on the rest of my body I never put it on my genitals and I’ve never suffered any burning at all. It seems almost that I have some inbuilt protection against burning there. Have any other guys discovered this strange inbuilt ball protection?

  26. Love to sunbath in the nude and have also experienced testicle movement when sunlight is directly warming my groin. Interestingly I discovered that if I do kegel exercises while my balls are exposed to the sun that they respond with even more movement and I think this has been a factor in the considerable enlargement I have noticed in my nuts – -wondering if anyone else has had similar results ?

  27. Yo dog, I live in the Pacific Northwest. We don’t get much sunlight. Do you know anything about tanning beds like how long and frequency?

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Honestly, I haven’t investigated tanning beds, living in California and all. I know Dr. Mercola’s website has some good info on them though.

  28. Has anyone tried the tan through swim trunks to mitigate privacy issues? I live in a Northern climate so there are no clothing optical beaches anywhere near. I am thinking about getting a pair to try so that I can take advantage of the sunlight when it’s available.

  29. I feel super relieved knowing I’m not the only one who’s balls start moving all around when exposed to sunlight. I truly thought I was crazy for a minute. My penis moves around a good amount too, it’s interesting. Great read, thank you!

  30. I make it sometimes, i don’t know If It really works for testosterone, but it makes feel good, it’s free and i guess it’s not risky if you don’t abuse. So why not do it ? Nothing to lose, just be careful with your neightbours 😉

  31. Hello you might want to read Valtsu’s blog about red light photobiomodulation, he explains the science behind how this works.

  32. Nothing is better for your overall health than sunbathing nude and absorbing all the natural vitamin D available – -especially on your testicles. The Leydic cells in the scrotum will benefit from the direct sunlight exposure and hence become more efficient in the production of testosterone. Interestingly several studies have shown that with repeated exposure to sunlight those same leydic cells will actually grow and thus enlarge the entire scrotum size and weight.

    1. Appreciate the information. Will be taking your advice Doc and see if I can get some enlargement in my scrotum. Worth the effort if I can get a set of low hangers !

  33. Think Dr M is confirming what most of the posted comments have been sharing.

    My bf is a devoted fitness enthusiast and naturalist, and also a long time advocate of nude sunbathing. Not only does he have a tremendous physique, but his testicles are incredibly enormous!

  34. I thought I was crazy… after reading this article, I guess I’m not anymore. Lol

  35. I wounder if the vitamin D how it works on us wounder if it works for girls too I mean dose vitamin D help them out if they are naked to the sun I’m nudist so me and others get sun all time.

    1. Author

      Absolutely I think it’s going to be important for both sexes.

    1. Would putting some shae butter or coconut oil one one testicle/penis offer some protection while still benefiting from the testosterone boost. Or does shae butter block out the benefits of testosterone/vitamin d?

      1. Author

        From what I’ve heard coconut oil would have an SPF around 5 or so. My guess would be shae would be similar. So it would offer minimal protection. Not sure if that then comes at the cost of blocking some benefits.

  36. Every year when school’s out for the summer, I know it’s time to get some maximum Vitamin D. I’ve taken the advantage (and risk) of going to my back porch with my dog, lie back on my swivel chair and wait for the sun to rise from the east around 6:30 am. When it rises, I’m naked to the world, y’all. I move my penis to the side of my leg so the sun can shine on my nuts. And yes, you can see it swirling around the skin and it’s a good feeling. I let it shine for as long as 30 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, I feel more energized! For those of you who think it’s weird doing this, think about the health conditions that would impact in your life.

    1. Have experienced the same and am convinced that sunshine is good for my balls.

    2. You know you weren’t getting vitamin D at that time? Vitamin D is only avaialbe from UVB rays at certain times of the day, sun 35 degrees off the horizon or more, less and nothiing. Depends on your location and time of year too: you live in somewhere further than 35 degrees off the horizon D from sun is significantly limited. Look up the app “d minder” and google their intro video it explains it well – good app btw for tracking your vitamin d levels from the sun, etc i use it every day, it tells you when, for how long, how much you’re getting based off where you are, your skin type, age, weight, exact location all automatically

      1. Everything I’ve read says you need 50 degrees above the horizon for uvb =vitamin d production. I use the vitamin d thirty app on Android to remind me.

  37. Some interesting information on this site that is not usually discussed.

    Can attest to value of exposure of sunshine on the scrotum as it does cause the testicles to move around and I have noticed not only an increase in energy levels but actually, this exposure has noticeably increased the size of my balls. Big fan of Vit D here.

  38. Once dated a young bodybuilder who was into nude sunbathing – – actually lived close to a nude beach. Not only did he have a great bod and terrific all over tan, but his nuts were incredibly huge. Think there is something to this theory on Vit D from sunshine and its effect on the scrotum.

    1. There are a few other factors that could have influenced the size of your friend’s ballsac.

      Certain supplements such as Tongkat Ali and probiotics containing L Reuteri will stimulate testicle growth – – as well as coating the entire scrotum with liquid Iodine once or twice a week. – – -massaging the gonads can also be effective – –Just saying Dr M

  39. Just a tip for you guys, I think you need to be getting vitamin d sun, not just sun, for this to work properly. As in UVB rays not just UVA rays. UVB aka Vit D sun isn;t always available all hours of the day when there is sun. Only certain times of the day and it also depends on where you live as well. SOme places get it year round (if you live in a place 35 degrees or less from the equator) and even then the sun has to be 35 degrees off the horizon or higher. EG: Tomorrow my window of vit D sun will be from about 9:15am till 2:30 pm, noon being the strongest/most vitamin d

    I’m not 100% sure but if it’s related to vitamin d from the sun and not just sunlight in general then definitely 100% cant do this at any time whenever there is sun.

    Check out an app called dminder, google them and watch their intro video for more info. I use this app every day to make sure I’m getting enough vitamin D… it calculates everythiung automatically based on age, weight, skin type, location, amount of clothing, how overcast it is etc etc, you set a timer and a couple of settings and away it goes. It even estimates your vitamin d blood levels and give you a maximum safe exposure time depending on the time of day and a warming bell before you burn

    Also, I did the balls thing today for the first time and they moved around like worms and also felt heavier and fuller afterwards, I will continue to do this

    1. Author

      Yes, that is important as UVB is the thing that triggers vitamin D. However, vitamin D is NOT the only thing that sun does. Unfortunately, there’s not as much detail on the other things created or transformed though you can find some stuff in this other article:

      So sun anytime likely still provides some benefits but it’s hard to say.

      1. Better to just do it with UVB rays if possible and get them both to be safe. Also I read something about Vit D taking up to 48 hours to absorb into the body, showering and washing washes it off your skin.

        Pretty sure vitamin D accumulates in your body (in the fat and a couple of organs) so it might be better to have a day where you megaload on vitamin D and get like 30,000iu and not shower for 48 hours once per week (unless you don’t mind not showering for 48 hours multiple times per week – which isn’t a big deal for me, I’ll just spot wash under arms and crotch/groin NOT BALLS)

  40. SO I’ve been exposing my balls to vitamin d sunlight for a week or two and been noticing some benefits. But they are really brown, more so than the rest of my body which I tan at the same time too. Approx 30 mins in UVB/Vitamin D sunlight towards very end of day. Also, the initial benefits feel like they’re dropping off so I think I’m overdoing it.

    I’m trying to find the ideal time in the sun so I can get the bare minimum for benefits. Did you see anything on the length of time for exposure to sunlight in the study? Its just an excerpt and not the full study (Referring to the 200% increase study)

    Do you have a link to that study?

    I’m thinking 10 minutes per day on testicles, or 10 minutes every other day. I do rest of body everyday for vitamin D (again not too long though)

    1. Blakee.. Your body can’t produce Vitamin d in the evening (after 5 PM most places) and sun is not strong here in the Midwest except from 11 AM to 3 PM. Download the dminer app it will tell u how strong the sun is anytime based on your location.

  41. What if pants are just part of a conspiracy to keep men’s testosterone low?… .

  42. Just expose your skin to the sun. It doesnt need your ball skin exposed.

    1. Actually, based upon my personal experience, exposing my balls to direct sunlight makes me feel even better, and enhances my libido, more than exposing any other part of my skin to the sun does.
      I’ve done nude sunbathing and non-nude sunbathing enough to compare them, and see and feel the difference.
      And I have noticed that getting direct sunlight on my balls gets my balls to grow bigger. And that’s an effect that I get only from getting sunlight directly on my balls.

  43. I tried this before and had the same results! It seems like it could be something important to men’s health that is hidden from the public. This should be talked about and researched more. Thanks for the article.

  44. This is brilliant! So as a member of the British Broadcasting Corporation I may have to let mine stay in the sun for 3 hours?

    1. Actually, based upon my personal experience, exposing my balls to direct sunlight makes me feel even better, and enhances my libido, more than exposing any other part of my skin to the sun does.
      I’ve done nude sunbathing and non-nude sunbathing enough to compare them, and see and feel the difference.
      And I have noticed that getting direct sunlight on my balls gets my balls to grow bigger. And that’s an effect that I get only from getting sunlight directly on my balls.

  45. Would putting some shae butter or coconut oil one one testicle/penis offer some protection while still benefiting from the testosterone boost. Or does shae butter block out the benefits of testosterone/vitamin d?

  46. First visit, Simply awesome.
    Of course, its not easy to pull off in INDIA.

    1. Would I get a similar effect by rubbing D3 vitamin oil directly on to my scrotum?

      1. I doubt that you would get the same effect by rubbing Vitamin D on your balls. And that’s because the Vitamin D that you take as a supplement is not the active form of Vitamin D. And that includes Vitamin D3, which is what your skin makes from the sun.
        When your skin makes Vitamin D3 from the sun, the Vitamin D goes to the liver, where it’s stored. And from the liver, the Vitamin D is sent to your kidneys, where its converted into the active form of Vitamin D. And then the active form of Vitamin D is sent from your kidneys throughout the rest of your body, to do it’s work.
        The same thing happens when you take Vitamin D supplements, orally or topically.

  47. Did it today too and it was awesome. Soooo niiiiice. Didn’t notice my balls move tho… Nor thought about it

  48. Try this the whole summer. My girlfriend stopped taking her pill so we can have a baby. According to the pregnancy test, she got pregnant on the first try. I’m guessing it really helps…

    1. The increase in testicle size can be achieved with not only exposure to direct sunlight, but also with the addition of a few specific supplements. There is evidence that Tongat Ali and Pine Pollen extract will stimulate the Leydig cells in the scrotum and over time cause these cells to expand and grow. Also applying pure liquid Iodine directly to the scrotum sac daily will produce a reaction in the testicles that will cause them to expand. Don’t overlook the benefit of direct stimulation by gentle but vigorous manual massage.
      Avoiding prolonged long exposure to hot water (jacuzzi’s) is important to protect the health (and size) of your gonads. As with any endeavor in building up the body, it will take time and perseverance for results to become evident but larger testicles and a bigger scrotum is definitely possible.

  49. The big increase in testosterone would be worth doing it just for that. But I would like to know more about it increasing the size of a man’s balls. That makes me want to try it out for that reason. What kind of feed back have you gotten? Like how long until an increase in size happens? And is it much of an increase of a size? I think really large balls makes for a very masculine look and so please share if it really does make for any substantial difference.

  50. I have noticed my balls do respond and move about in sunlight and over the summer I exposed them to direct sunlight several times a week on my private sundeck. Not only does it feel great to sunbathe in the nude, with my balls soaking up vitmain D, but as a result, my scrotum has grown heavier and larger, and also as a side benefit my “releases” are much more voluminous. Recommend this natural therapy.

  51. I first tried nude sunbathing years ago, after I read an article in a men’s bodybuilding magazine, which stated that the most effective way to increase testosterone production by your body is free: it’s the sun! The author (Jay Robb) stated that exposing any part of your skin to sunlight can increase testosterone levels. But he stated that the biggest and most dramatic increase in testosterone occurs from exposing the male genitals to the sun. I wasnt surprised to read that, since 99% of a man’s testosterone is produced in the testicles. Plus, humans evolved to be in the sun;and we evolved to be in the sun totally nude!
    So I tried nude sunbathing. And specifically, I lifted up my balls, so that the sunlight directly hit my scrotum. And I felt better within just a few minutes. So much so, that nude sunbathing has become a daily ritual for me.
    Exposing my balls and scrotum to the sun makes me feel better; not only within minutes, but for the entire day. It also enhances my libido, and causes my balls to grow bigger and heavier, I’ve definitely noticed. And it’s not in my mind, or a placebo effect; because I didn’t expect any of those effects to occur, when I first started to do nude sunbathing. I got into nude sunbathing, simply hoping that it would increase my testosterone levels.
    So nude sunbathing has become an essential part of my healthful, anti-aging lifestyle. And I’ve compared nude sunbathing with non-nude sunbathing (e.g. exposing your back to the sun), and the effects from exposing my balls to the sun are even greater and more dramatic, than exposing any other part of my skin to the sun; which I do also.

  52. I don’t think it is weird, i discovered this also many years ago but could never figure out how to get exposed without joining a nudist colony. If you really want to hear something weird and off-putting-some years ago I subscribed to a newsletter by a complimentary medicine doctor and one of his articles explored the benefits of drinking your own piss to counteract illness. I later found myself confronting a serious heath issue and resorted to this along with other alternative treatments, not sure if this did the trick or if it was a combination but I did recover.

  53. I find that if you sit outside in the nude, for at least 1 hour daily, you will get a nice tan all over your body, including your genitals.

  54. What I don’t understand, I’ve read so often that you should avoid blue light and UV light exposure on your testicles. Why is sunlight still good&healthy even though it is UV light?

    1. Author

      Who says you should avoid blue/UV light on your testicles? I literally haven’t seen that before. Why do they say to do that?

  55. Dear admin and fellow contributors thank you for providing your experience in this topic …. It was definitely helpful for me … I m 30 … And was sun bathing nude for past 5 days …. On my third day I observed an increase in my testicular size and was scared but now I m relieved that this is normal …… I have a question will the testicular size continue to grow if I continue to nude bath and if I stop nude bathing will the testicles go back to their normal size ??

    1. The health benefits to your scrotum will continue as long as you consistently expose it to direct sunlight. The scrotum size will eventually reach its full development potential and it will not grow beyond your genetic limits.

      1. Additional proven methods to increase the size of testicles include

        1) Regular stimulating manual massage
        2) Icing the testicles for about 20 minutes every night
        3) Supplementation with Fadogia Agrestis & also the probiotic L Reuteri.

        Consistency is necessary but the gonads will respond and the scrotum will enlarge to accommodate them

  56. Totally agree – having low hangers is very masculine and mine have grown considerably since exposing them to direct sunlight – – and also daily massage!

  57. I’ve heard that skin exposed to sunlight produces proto-vitamin D that gets absorbed over a few days and converted in the body to a metabolically active form of vitamin D. I have also heard that the reaction to sunlight on the skin requires the so called “bad” cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) to be present.
    Interestingly our rural settlements with indigenous populations far removed from city life in South Africa still have children with the most bautiful teeth and jaw structure and I think this could be due to them not having a daily routine of washing their skin with oil-removing soaps.

  58. There is now considerable evidence that exposing the testicles to RED LIGHT THERAPY is also very beneficial. The Red Light does not contain the damaging UV rays that are found in natural sunlight so exposing the testicles to this type of therapy is a better way to stimulate the leydic cells in the scrotum – – which will not only increase the production of semen but also eventually enlarge the gonads and simultaneously the size of the scrotum.

    Several good articles available on this topic on U Tube

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