Dragondoor’s Health and Strength Conference 2016

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Dragondoor announced last week the second annual Health and Strength Conference.

I spoke there last year, on the subject of mental training, and I’ll be doing so again this year, along with others including Dan John, Al Kavadlo, Max Shank, Jon Bruney and many others.

Hope to see you there!

And if you are coming please let me know in the comments below.


Here’s the details of my presentation.

How to Use Hypnosis for Fitness and Strength

Simple and Advanced Hypnosis Methods for Instant Strength Gains, Body Transformation and More

At last year’s conference, RKC Team Leader Katie Peterson leaped from a previous PR of 2 one-arm pushups to 7 in just 6 minutes. That’s a 350% increase in a very, very tough drill.

And Katie achieved this feat with Logan’s mental coaching methods only. No change in physical technique. Pure mind.

This year Logan will deep-dive you into different methods to accomplish similar strength breakthroughs, with the power of hypnosis alone.

The good news is you don’t need to be a master hypnotist to get positive and tangible results. Instead you’ll learn brain-dead-simple methods that can add reps to any exercise. And you’ll get to experience it in real time, live at the event.

By end of session, you’ll own this as a skill you can use over and over again. Plus, you’ll see tons of real examples on how you can use it to increase strength, win competitions, transform your body, get clients better results, aid in recovery and so much more…

You’ll also discover:

• A Firefighter’s Experience: Increasing Grip Strength by 40% or Feeling as Weak as a Baby
• How Two Buffalos Added 100 Pounds to Logan’s Deadlift
• The 9 Myths of Hypnosis
• How to Use Hypnosis to Add 20 lbs. to a Hardgainer in One Month
• Bypassing Skepticism
• A Simple Induction Anyone Can Do
• Why Hypnosis Starts Before Hypnosis Starts
• How to Distort Time—for One Month of Gains in a Single Session
• Methods of Milton Erickson, the Greatest Hypnotist of All Time
• Cause-Effect Linkage and How it can Redirect Your Subconscious Mind
• Why Cirque du Soleil can Make Muscle Ups Easy
• How Hypnosis Helped Logan Win a Strongman Competition
• Using Hypnosis Conversationally with Your Clients

Find out about all the other presenters and early signup price here.

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