Dying Art of Phonebook Ripping

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As phonebooks slowly become extinct, you have to be a bit more creative in how you tear them in half.

After tearing them for a crowd, I often make a joke, “It’s harder to find a phonebook these days than to rip it in half.”

Sadly, this is a dying art, a feat of strength that is disappearing. It’s unfortunate because this was a relatively easy feat of strength to get started with. And it always is impressive to see when done right.

But as long as there are some phonebooks, it can still be done. As you can see in this video, just stack up three to five tiny books and then you have the size of the old books.

Note that this is going to be slightly harder to rip than a single phonebook because of the multiple covers which could also cause the phonebooks to slip if you don’t keep a tight grip.

For more information about phonebook tearing check out this page.

And for details on how to get started in all kinds of feats of strength, check out the video series I did along with Bud Jeffries.

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