Performing a Show

Everyone Loves a Strongman

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Lately in my training I’ve been focusing on things like deadlifting and a number of gymnastic feats. I haven’t been doing much with the feats of strength.

However since I’ve trained them much in the past I can put on a show anytime I please and do all the regular feats with ease. This happened twice in the last couple of weeks.

Performing a Show

Performing a Show

It was my cousin’s birthday and I decided I would put on a show at her party. Everyone loved it and it became the highlight of the party.

Even though I hadn’t been training after the show I was feeling good so I grabbed a horseshoe and hearted it. This was a harder shoe then I’d even done before. (Don’t ask me what it was because I don’t know.)

For the show of course I stuck with items I new I could easily do. That’s an important tip for performing.

I also preceded to tear a deck of cards behind my back. Once again, I had not done this before except with a really cheap and easy deck.

Two big PR’s without even training for them, plus a real fun time.

Then last weekend I was attending a certification.

When asked what I do I answered “among other things I am a performing strongman“. This really ought to be shown more then explained. So I did.

There is an old saying “Everyone loves a strongman.” I’m not sure who might have originally said it, but it is quite true.

Here’s another fact. Most people don’t know that strongmen exist. Yet when they see one they’ll immediately love it. This has been my experience.

When you can tear through a phonebook or bend a nail you immediately become a more interesting and cool person in everyone’s eyes.

You can strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and when the love and adoration of all. Okay…that may be overdoing it a little but being a strongman is a skill set worth having.

Want to learn these amazing feats? There’s not better person to learn from then Dennis Rogers. Check out all his DVD’s here.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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