Podcast: Longevity Conference

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Here is the third ever Legendary Strength podcast.

For this episode I talk about my recent adventures on the road, most notably the Longevity Now Conference from which I just returned. Tons of great speakers like David Wolfe, Daniel Amen, Joel Furhman, Daniel Vitalis, Ron Teeguarden and more.

Specifically I discuss some of my action steps I’ll be taking after this event to apply what I learned to my life.


If you’d like me to continue my list in the next podcast let me know. Otherwise I’ll move onto the next topic.


  1. Thanks Logan,

    I am very interested as well. All topics are good. I enjoyed the grounding comments and look forward to herb information etc.

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Logan,

    Would love to hear the rest of your list. Interestingly its good to notice how many of these things I have been incorporating although sometimes they tail off.

    With regards to taking reishi daily, do you have any ideas of an ideal dose? I used to take it fairly regularly with about 1/3 of a teaspoon but stopped a while back when I ran out and forgot to buy more.

    Thinking of buying a good blender to incorporate more raw food and throw in more things like reishi and other herbs etc

  3. I will continue. Thanks for the feedback.

    Kris, for the reishi it depends on what form it’s in. You can make tea, take powders, capsules or tinctures. Then the quality of it is also important. So it’s hard to say what an ideal dose would be. That being said it’s probably impossible to take to much (literally I think it’s an herb with no LD-50).

    If you have the dough I highly recommend a vitamix. I love mine and it allows you to do more then with regular blenders.

  4. Most of the stuff on your list is stuff that I’m doing myself already thanks to reading your “101 Simple Steps” book.

    We moved into a new house last year which we designed with grounded power sockets throughout (not usual here in Japan) so now the whole family is sleeping grounded, as well as having grounded mats in the living room and kitchen. The garden has a large vegetable patch, so now my “salad a day” comes fresh from the garden, plus we have a big lawn which we go out and play on barefoot every day. I’ve also planted several citrus trees. Fukushima is only 400 miles away, so the kids brush their teeth twice a day with zeolite clay mixed with a little raw cacao powder, then swallow the lot. I’m selling herbs and superfoods on my website, including medicinal mushrooms and raw food powders, which the kids also love blended in to drinks. We collect spring water from the mountains once a month, which just happens to be right by a fantastic camping site in a beautiful setting.

    And that’s just the stuff from this call! I’m also really into magnets now (especially using them alongside meditation, and to supercharge my fermented foods!), plus too many other ideas in the book to list here. I will just say that I took HCL a couple of times in the past on advice of others and both times it gave me terrible indigestion and high blood pressure. I ended up going to the doctor for a chest x-ray because the feeling freaked me out so much (I thought I’d had some sort diaphragmatic hernia!). My blood pressure also went back down when I stopped taking it.

    So basically, thanks for all the information in your book and putting me on this path, as you can see it’s already had a big impact on my life!

    1. Author

      @Matt: Wow. Great job on taking action. I’m truly impressed and pleased you got so much from the book. Also thanks for the info on HCL, I’ll keep that in mind when I give it a shot.

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