Kettlebell Infinity

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As usual when outside practicing kettlebell juggling my friend and I came up with new moves every time. The kettlebell infinity is the latest.

The kettlebell infinity by itself is easy to do. You do an outside snatch except you are moving from one arm to another with a handoff so that it’s in a figure 8 or infinity pattern.

Even prelimanary to that you could just do outside circular snatches with a single arm. This is a great mobility drill as you’re working behind you not just to the front.

But that’s not even a kettlebell juggling move as it’s only a handoff. So how do you step it up? Add a flip. Not easy but it looks pretty good doesn’t it? I found it was easier to do in the hammer flip position.

But the truth is we started off with the partner version, before coming up with these other two moves. You’ll clearly see why it’s called the infinity in this move. And it is not easy. The throw has to be almost perfect. Too high, too low, too hard, too soft and you may not catch it, but even if you do, if it’s off to much you ruin your own throw to keep it going.

Everything in the video here was done with a 16kg kettlebell.

Give any of these a shot if you can.


  1. Logan, How often do you train? With all that you’re into, I would think that you would have to be doing something almost everyday! What kind of lifting schedule do you keep? Thanks!

    1. @Mark: Good question. I do something almost every day. Basically I alternate between these park workouts and training in my gym. But it’s not static or exact as I travel a lot and listen to my body on what I need.

  2. Yo Logan, I CAN give it a shot & I WILL give it a shot! Just need to find a good spot for it to do it! I’ll film it anytime soon & I’ll let you what’s up with & will post it on my site as welL! Guarenfuckinteed!

      1. @Logan: Hell Yeah man of course I’ll try it with at LEAST a 24KG, I’ll even try this Kettlebell Infinity move with the 32KG & Heavier in the future! You got my word on it man! Besides, I already did this AND Succeeded with the 16KG & 20KG as well! This move is the shit & a LOT of fun to do! Funny that I never thought about this move myself!

        1. @Matti: Yeah I’m surprised I didn’t think of it earlier and even the roundabout way we ended up with it. I’ll be giving it a go with the heavier bells too soon.

          1. @Logan: Damn right man! I tried it today with the 32KG & 36KG Kettlebells, Freaking BRUTAL & TOUGH as hell (for NOW at least…) and on top of that it’s one Awesome Conditioning Training as well! I’ll post a video of myself doing the Kettlebell Infinity move as well both with lighter Kettlebells as well as Heavier Kettlebells! Stay Tuned for that in the future!

            One more thing that I wanted to say was this: This move is Addictive to do! Now whenever I go Kettlebell JUggling I CAN’T help but to try this move all the time… this move is dope as hell! Especially for Conditioning & Stamina Training with the Heavier Kettlebells! Good $hit!

          2. @Logan: Once again, Thanks for giving me Brand NEW ideas for Juggling with this video man! Good stuff! NOW I’ll have way MORE to Train & look forward to in my Kettlebell JUggling & maneuvering Training in the future! CAN’T wait for the Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0! I know it’s going to be mad cool & very good!

  3. That looks wicked! 🙂
    I don’t own a kettlebell yet, but i’ll keep that in mind.

  4. GD man, i thought i was strong til i saw some of these amazing feats! very impressive sir! you are an animal, this kettlebell juggling looks insane, ha.

  5. The end of the video says “The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0” is coming soon. Is that an all new set of instructions version or a wait for this one – don’t buy the original yet – updated version.

    1. @Devon: It will replace the old. That being said anyone who has bought that will get an insane upgrade deal so it’s still worth ordering the original right now.

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