Yoga Hand Balancing Flow Video

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Here is a yoga video that includes hand balancing.

Yes, it is an attractive woman in her underwear but don’t let that distract you 🙂

By watching this you can observe a couple things.

One, that yoga and hand balancing go hand in hand (pun intended). Yoga has many hand balances in it. You’ll see pressups to a handstand, a version of the frogstand, the headstand, handstands with different leg positions including the lotus position, and more.

You can also see how you might want to put a little hand balancing flow together, going from one move to the next.

Thanks to John for sending this video to me.

Want some more yoga positions. Check out the Yoga Trapeze as a fun tool for making inversions easy.


  1. That was so awesome… makes me want to get out and practice!

  2. Interesting. There’s a few transitions that were pretty cool. And she’s got a very nice body. But what the hell with her toes?! Pointing them or doing something with them would have made it look much better!

  3. Yeah man I completely agree! Very impressive… for a woman! The fact that she was almost naked made it even better IMO! Anyway man, Indeed wtf is up with her toes? Weird shit if you ask me, but the rest was very impressive & very high skilled Gymnastic skills mixed in with the Yoga that she was doing as well!

  4. Have you noticed her boyfriend sleeping in the bed behind her … not even interested and watching … taking her for granted. such a dream girl, isn’t it incredible ?

  5. In yoga you extend everything, that includes the toes, she is just extending them, which for me is amazing to be able to have such control of the movement and still be extending through it.

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