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Card Tearing

Card Tearing

When I revamped this site I re-discovered my Feats of Strength Indexand realized I hadn’t updated it in a long time. Well that’s about to change.

I’ve added text, images and videos to the following posts.

Frying Pan Rolling
Grippers and Crushing Strength
Card Tearing

I’ve also added a new feat, Neck Strength.

Go check them out and let me know what you think.

  • If you think there’s a video I should add…
  • If you think there’s a feat I’m missing…
  • If there’s any features I should add…
  • If you just enjoy these…


Now that the whole site is run on a blog format you can comment on these pages. Link to those videos you like or your own articles on topic in the comments.

Also if you have a website or blog I would appreciate any links you can send to these pages. Tweet it. Post it on forums or facebook. My aim is to make this the best resource for information on all feats of strength online and I need your help.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Logan, the new site is great! I always love seeing the latest feats of strength. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Very attractive and easy to navigate. Yours are among the top of my functional fitness go-to sites I use to confound my friends, co-workers and neighbors as I continue to improve with age (61 next month).

  3. Logan, I like the new site. A refreshing change, like a store getting revamped and not stagnating with old info. I keep checking for instant feats of strength. Power by Pavel, John Ducane, you, and Bud Jeffries are my favorite fitness websites. I’ve got indian clubs now, never a dull moment.

  4. love your work logan,
    great website and great information to match, I love reading you stuff.
    I liked the site before but It’s even better now and the adding comments feature is a really great addition.
    keep up the good work 😛

  5. 1. reduce black border/empty space on edge.
    2. reduce blank white space on bottom.
    3. Increase size of font on navigation/menubars on top so it stands out, but not too much.
    4. make graphic link be constant, not changing. Little too distracting.

    GREAT JOB! Best.–j

  6. Author

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Glad you’re enjoying it. And John I’ll see what I can do at least on some of those points.


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