Fend Off Back and Shoulder Pain With This Bodyweight Exercise

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Another article on bridging and preventing back & shoulder pain has just been published at Breaking Muscle.

A Bodyweight Exercise to Prevent Back Pain and Shoulder Pain

Gymnast Bridge


In my previous article I covered the wrestler’s bridge and front bridging, but that’s only one side of the bridging game. There is also the gymnast bridge, also known as a hand bridge.

The key difference with the gymnast bridge is that neck strength is no longer the main point. Instead, this move becomes much more about flexibility throughout the entire spine as well as in the shoulders and wrists.

Being able to do a great gymnast bridge will go a long way in keeping you free from back pain and shoulder pain. It’s not a Holy Grail for curing everything, but it can be an important component among others. If you can do a solid bridge, chances are you won’t suffer back pain, or at least not nearly as much.

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