First Back Lever

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I was “playing” at the park yesterday with my friend. Great to always have a camera on hand.

Here I was able to hold my first back lever with legs straight but also together.

Check off one major goal for this year!

Compare this to my earlier straddle back levers.

Straddle Back Lever

The crazy thing is I haven’t even been working on this skill lately. I have been working towards one arm pullups and a number of exercises with the Power Wheel to strength the abs. I guess those two things are carrying over. I also noticed I was better at various front lever progressions we worked on.

I also think that it may have been a little easier on these monkey bars, over the rings that I’ve normally done them on. But then I did another back lever, possibly even better then this one, on some rings they had there a little later. Sorry, no video of this one but I will have lots more from the park in coming weeks and months.


  1. GOOD Stuff Logan! Especially for someone as tall as you are! RESPECT! btw man, what I did noticed when I watched this video is that you didn’t completely lock out BOTH feet together at the end when you were holding it… NOT that I’m critizing what you’re doing over here, as I can STILL NOT do it myself, but it’ll look better & you’ll be WAY STRONGER for it when you lock out both feet together & close to each other… I say this because I’v felt it in my OWN training when doing the Back lever… still, this is a HUGE step in your progress, although you DIDN’T train HARD & Consistenly with it, wich makes it even more impressive!

    Now go Master the Full Straight Front Lever! Good Luck!

  2. For some reason my blog has been updating me when there are comments like it use to.

    Anyway I’ll have some more updates on this move soon. Since this first attempt here, I’ve made more progress.

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