Flaming Kettlebell Juggling Trailer

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The idea for this came back in December at the Oldtime Strongman Workshop with Dennis Rogers. One of the attendees and burlesque strongman, Johnny Domino, was telling a story about a flaming injury he sustained while trying a new trick (I can’t go into the full details but we were laughing our butts off). Somehow from that we got to the idea that I should light a kettlebell on fire and juggle it.

It took some prep work and getting together, and now it’s finally happened.

WARNING: While I do recommend kettlebell juggling to anyone that wants to try it, I do not recommend trying this. It is very dangerous, the ball of fire huge, and the potential to burn yourself is big. Even though I had a pretty good setup I still burnt some of my hair and came close to catching my face on fire. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Also this is only the trailer, a short glimpse into what happened. I’ll be releasing the full video later.

It doesn’t take more strength, it doesn’t take more conditioning, it just takes more balls!

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  1. I’ll do you one better than Facebook – Pinterest! You really should consider it for your social network. I started training with Kettlebells about two months ago and love it. I’ll turn 65 in August and have never felt better. Can’t wait to see the rest of this. Cheers!

    1. Author

      @Cathy G: Thanks Cathy. I have been thinking about Pinterest but am just finally getting use to doing some stuff on Facebook. Social media is not my strong suit but I’m trying.

    1. @Ben Bergman: You’re forgetting another insane dude over here that got the balls to do it! I’ll do it THIS year as well! Need to find a way FIRST how to set the kettlebell on fire & a good place to Juggle it AFTER my deep wounds are healed on my Forearm! But I guarenfuckingtee ya! I WILL do it!

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