How to do a No Handed Cartwheel

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This video will show you how to do a no handed cartwheel which is also known as an aerial.

This is a difficult skill to get to, especially for men, who tend to have less hip flexibility. But with dedicated training I think just about everybody can do it.

The basics of this movement are to first master your cartwheel then your one handed cartwheel. When you can do these easily you can start working towards the aerial.

Be forewarned, that the more hip flexibility you have the easier it will be.

When you’re starting out you’ll need to launch off hard from both the rear leg then front leg. Running into the movement can help.

It’s also helpful to think of your point of rotation at the shoulders.

At one time I was finally able to do the no handed cartwheel after a lot of time spent trying. Unfortunately I can’t currently do it, but am working back up to the skill. You can see it’s not the most graceful aerial but I did pull it off.

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  1. Hey Logan, nice post!

    I was wondering, how tall are you? You looked pretty tall in the hand balancing video. I ask because I am 6’5″ and people keep telling me that I am too tall to do anything cool or fun.

    Take care man!

    1. @Toby: I’m 6’2″. Don’t let other people stop you. While certain skills will be harder, it makes it all the better when you achieve them 🙂

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