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In the last post on Acrobatic Stretching we talked about how important flexibility is to your training.

If your flexibility is holding you back, I’ve found a new resource that will allow you to break through those blocks you’ve been having.

This program was very similar to the ideas I had on stretching before hand. Great trainers often think alike.

Side Splits

Still I picked up a few refinements, not to mention awesome and effective stretches I had not been doing before.

Since adding these in, I feel I’m making even faster progress towards my goal of hip flexibility to do the pancake drill.

In one, a variation of the Supine Dynamic Hip Rotations, I felt my hip cramp up like never before during the stretch. Yet when I was all said and done in the exercise my flexibility was already improved.

It’s affordable and immediately downloadable which means you can start on the program today.

Check it out here.

If you’re looking for something truly ground-breaking with a new scientific breakthru guaranteeing to double your flexibility tonight, this is not it.

But if you want an Easy System, that helps you to target your specific flexibility goals, this is exactly what you need.

What I like about Focused Flexibility is they give you a series of exercises to start with as a baseline. Then they tell you if you can’t do these well, which of the many stretches they show you will help you.

They also target the exercises, to specific conditions, like tight hips, that you may have.

The idea isn’t to do every stretch but to focus on the ones you need to achieve the flexibility you desire.

Read more about Focused Flexibility here.

Perhaps you’ve picked up a program from the Gold Medal Bodies guys before. If so you know they have high quality material. This program is no different.


  1. Hey Logan, thanks for the review. You definitely covered the highlights.

    I love what you wrote about this not including any “new” breakthrough magical techniques (because we all know they don’t really exist). Everything in FF is straight up based on real, proven methods used by physical therapists and other professionals.

    Thanks again.

    (BTW, keep us posted on the hip mobility. That’s a big one for a lot of people, so we’re always listening for individual results.)

  2. Thanks for the writeup Logan! We’ve been very grateful for the positive feedback so far. All the best for you in your training!

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