Podcast: Peak Performance Trinity

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I’ve decided to start a podcast!

If you enjoy it and want me to continue please leave your comments here on in Itunes. I’d also love to hear suggestions on what you’d like me to cover in the future.

This first episode goes into more detail on the Peak Performance Trinity which covers the three legs of achieving peak performance. These include physical training, health & nutrition and mental & energetic training.

Look for more coming soon.



  1. hey logan, great idea your podcast…I like it, well done
    fore your next one just put the transkript whit it on the site and you have created great contend (so you can rank for ) and the search engines will love you more 😉

  2. Great podcast!

    As far as more podcast ideas I’d like to hear more about training to be a physical culture Renaissance Man. I’d also love to hear more about the mental side of training, which is something that is missing from most programs. Also, how to add it in, in a simple progression.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. i dug the podcast, great to listen to at work. id definitely listen if you kept doing them. it sounded to me like it helped you think some things out too, so we all benefit from it! after reading your book review yesterday i’d love to hear more about muscle control and different ways of incorporating that. the mental side of training is always good as well. also, just random thoughts are always appreciated, you can never predict what randomness will be good for you or your training

    1. Author

      @paul: I will be sure to address muscle control in an upcoming podcast, and yes I do plan to keep going with them for now.

      @Demond: Thanks Demond. I will cover that in the future.

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