Forget Resolutions

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The New Year is well upon us.

But I’m not here to talk about resolutions. To me the idea of New Year’s resolutions are a joke because of all the baggage they hold.

Despite the root term of being ‘resolute’ they are anything but. And if you can make it into February most people would say you’re doing well. Pfff!

The problem lies in how people treat them.

What really needs to be done is to set goals and plans to achieve them. For the past few years I’ve used the transition into the New Year to review the last year. Find out what worked and what didn’t. Not only setting goals for the next year but setting the plans to accomplish them.

It’s a constantly evolving process. Each time more powerful than the last.

One method that works well is to set what your ideal day will look like come 2010. I did this last year and it’s a little scary how accurate it was to what’s happening today. You can be sure I did it again this year stretching the limits even further.

But be forewarned, all of it will never work without one key ingredient: ACTION!

This applies to everything in your life but I want to focus on physical culture specifically for a minute.

Having a resolution to exercise more is worthless. Setting specific goals to accomplish whether its to lift a certain weight, do a feat of strength, compete, or lose a certain number of pounds, is what you have to do.

Most people never reach these goals or become truly strong because they falter somewhere along the way. Lose their motivation. Get side-tracked by some shiny thing. Or just continue without making any REAL progress for months on end.

And damn it if I haven’t been there too.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to help you achieve your training goals in 2009. And I’m going to do my best to do just that.

This is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Stay tuned for more details. And if you have questions or comments send them in. I’d love to hear from you.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I’ve recently joined Facebook one thing I plan on really using this year. It’s unique and interesting. If your on, go here to become my friend.

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