First Attempts at Parkour

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 I was filming another project and I figured I had to give a few of these Parkour moves a shot. As you’ll see in the video, I didn’t have all that much crazy terrain to go off of. But I did manage a few different vaults.

Even that little bit was fun to do. And, after all, you have to start somewhere. You can be sure in the future I’ll be on the lookout for some spots to practice more.

After watching the Parkour Tutorial DVD all you have to do is get out there and start doing it.

Good Luck and Good Free Running,
Logan Christopher


  1. nice vid, you diffenitly need work on your kong lol (you released your hand at the last second, and your not really fluid throughout, no insult meant) but i started with 2 power boxes, grass, and a good tree. and im 3 years into it by now and am still useing them. just saying that you dont need that good of an enviroment to progress and still be passionate about parkour in. also, if you are going to stick with it then go here,
    parkour generations is run by the founders (the yamakasi, not David belle or sebastion foucan) and is filled with infomation extremely important to a starter. just wanted to help.
    train hard, train safe, have fun!

    1. Author

      Thanks James. This video is from a long time ago so I’m sure I could get it better now. Cool resource too.

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