Gym Owners Host a Workshop?

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Do you want to host a workshop at your gym?

With myself and possibly some of my other friends?

As you know I just finished up with my first big workshop with Bud Jeffries. It was a load of fun, all the attendees loved it and I want more.

It’s been my plan for awhile to do more workshops and that time has come.

Because I primarily work online I have people that follow my advice from all around the states and the world.

While we had people out to California from as far as Philadelphia for this last event I realize not everyone can travel easily.

So I want to find places all over the US (and possibly other countries?) to host workshops especially more one day events then weekend long workshops.

I could hunt down places where I’d like to do them but I figured it’d be better to just ask.

If you have a gym and are interested reply back and we can discuss more of the details.

It will be fun, a great learning experience, and can be profitable for everyone involved.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. logan,

    it would bee great for you to come to my place a do a workshop in houston, texas. i don’t know if you remember me from my 1 st rkc cert. in 2007, but i remember you showing me how to walk on your hands. anyway feel free to workout the date or dates that are good for you. look forward to meeting again

    Mike house

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