Smarter Strength Workshop

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I mentioned this a few weeks ago but wanted to call your attention to it again.

Next weekend the Smarter Strength workshop hosted by Adam Glass is happening in Minnesota.

I’m flying out from California to make it.

And I highly encourage you to do the same. You are in one of three boats as far as I see it.


You haven’t tried out the biofeedback method of training. What are you waiting for? Have you seen the results everyone is getting with it?

There is no better way then to learn hands on as well as the latest and greatest techniques of the evolving system. I’m going to do my best to get Adam to talk about the next step beyond testing too…


You’ve tried the system and weren’t getting the results promised. Sorry to say, but chances are there was User Error involved in this. (At times I’ve screwed this up myself.)

It’s not black and white. When you are working with the feedback of your body there is the possibility of throwing off the test. Plus you still do need to know much else. I wouldn’t say if you only knew biofeedback training you were good to go. Other knowledge is also needed.

This workshop will get you running right and answer all your questions.


You’re using biofeedback and getting great results!

I hope you’re in this camp. Still if you can learn an upgrade that will allow you quicker results wouldn’t you want that? Get further refinements and new opportunities to become better.

You’ll be among a bunch of strong guys there (and ladies too). No better place to set big PR’s. Also I’ll be an open book for any and all questions you have.

As a special bonus if you sign up today, send me your receipt and then Sunday morning after the workshop we’ll schedule an hour long one on one to work on whatever you wish to (limited to 3 people). If nothing else I’ll deliver some ground-breaking mental training tactics to you to add on top of what you‘re already doing.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. While I recommend you sign up for the above, don’t order anything from any of my websites now. I’ve got an unexpected announcement and amazing deals for you coming next week. Stay tuned.

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