Gymnastic Bridge Foot Placement

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How you place your feet when doing bridging exercises will change up the difficulty of the exercise. This is especially important when you’re working on harder variations.

If you are not as flexible as you’d like to be, the easiest position is to get your heels up and just use toes for foot support. I gave this tip to Al Kavadlo and he was able to stand up out of the bridge for the first time. It can make that much of a different.

If you place your feet a bit wider, more than shoulder width, it’s going to be easier and you can use this to gradually improve flexibility. Just start with feet wide apart and build up towards narrower stance.

To build even more flexibility, you can move your feet closer to your torso or even further out. There isn’t really the “best” position for building up flexibility for gymnastic bridge, but the one with toes extended should do be the most appropriate for beginners.

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