Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis Test

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I recently got a hair mineral analysis test done. This was just one more in the line of testing of done on my health in the past year. You can read about my blood test and my omega test.

This test takes a small amount of your hair, which is then sent to a lab, then you get a report full of details on the many minerals in your body (and thus your hair). Hair is generally recognized as the best way to test minerals, as they’ll all be found in the hair and it shows the results over time, not just a snapshot of one day, like other tests might.

Here are my results:

Hair Mineral Analysis Test

Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis 2

Along with these two pages of charts the hair mineral analysis then included many pages describing the results and action steps you can take to correct the problems.

What immediately jumped out to me was the sky high Arsenic level I had. In the info they stated it would be good to test again and possibly in some other ways to see if the cause was external or a chronic internal problem. There were also suggestions on high arsenic foods (from pollution) that should be avoided.

Other issues were a little high on sodium levels. This can easily be dealt with by cutting back on salt. And let me say there is a big difference between chemically treated salt and a natural sea salt. But even the healthy salts can obviously be overdone.

Then we get to the ratios. From the report it states:

Continuing research indicates that metabolic dysfunction occur not necessarily as a result of a deficiency or excess of a particular mineral level, but more frequently from an abnormal balance (ratio) between the minerals.

I had a low Calcium/Potassium ratio. To fix this all I need to do is eat more calcium containing foods, cut back on potassium containing foods, supplement with a quality calcium (of which the vast majority of calcium in supplements are not), do some things to increase calcium absorption, or a combination of any and all of the above.

Along with the recommendations you’ll also find some possible symptoms you could have from the deficiency, excess, or abnormal ratio. Overall its quite complete and will give you lots to play with. Even if you don’t follow all the suggestions it will give you a number of things to test and try out.

So the bottomline is if you are serious about your health, getting testing is well worth it. A blood test is probably the best place to start, but I would put this as a close second. Add to the fact that its cheaper to have this one done, and you may want to get started here.

I got my hair mineral test done thru Mineralife. For less than $100 you can do the same, and then they have some of the best quality mineral supplements (ones that I personally use) that can aid in any corrections you need to make.

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