Book Club: Maxalding by Monte Saldo

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Introducing the Physical Culture Book Club. As a subscriber on Legendary Strength you can join for free.

For the month of February we’ll be reading Maxalding by Monte Saldo.

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If you start reading and have questions and comments please post them below. I’ll have the discussion article up shortly.


  1. Hi – I was really interested to read the book. The author seems to talk a lot about this method developing supple muscles instead of tough & stringy ones. I’m guessing this could have some carry-over to athletic performance requiring fluid movements.

    Question I had about this was whether the method could be integrated with more modern strength training methods (eg barbells), to get the benefits of supple muscles from Maxalding, and the overall strength gains say from barbells, or whether the different methods would work against eachother.

    Could you benefit say from 5 – 10 minutes of Maxalding at the beginning or end of another workout? Or pick a few movements from the system and “grease the groove” them throughout the day?

    One other thought, not related to the above. Would Maxalding be good for rehabilitating joint problems? Thinking that the isometric element of this could strengthen the muscles / tendons around the joint, without moving a compromised joint through problem areas?

    Looking forward to the full review article!

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