Hand Sensitivity for Handstands

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Was reading this book on hand dynamics just last night. It talks about some crazy stuff such as a third of our motor brain controlling just the hands. And by the fact that we have hands we are able to manipulate tools and thus build an advanced civilization unlike any other animal.

When you think about it the hands are very amazing instruments. There are so many different ways you can move them around that its mind boggling. They can create art, play musical instruments, hold large weights, massage another person, and much more.

Hand balancing doesn’t just take strength. That’s an obvious thing to anyone who has ever tried a handstand. Though strength is necessary which is why Professor Orlick outlines more than a dozen exercises in his work for this purpose.

In order to balance you need sensitivity. Being able to detect minor movements in your body and weight distribution and correct them by manipulating your fingers and wrists.

There are many exercises in this book for flexibility, coordination and more which I may cover at a different time. But now I wanted to leave you with a final thought.

Sometimes you need to concentrate on the big picture. Other times you need to look at the very small details.

The next time you are inverted give some added thought to the slightest movements in your hands. It might help you out.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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